Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Man sorry this was late

Chaos is strong in this one!

Between work being rough - boss out, lead out, and 2 people sick - this has been a long week.  Luckly people were back the last 2 days - at least halfway and still kind of feeling bad.  It helped me not get beaten down with a fiscal end of the month.  Woohoo!  I still painted stuff - cuz painting helps me relax.  Doing art not so much - but painting - especially Daemons make me feel better.

Paint list - got a weekend away so this is gonna be a small week.

Article - maybe Assassins?
Work on Feast Raffle Army build
Maybe work on Dreadknight with Chaos Lord in it?

2 Mauler Fiends

Herald on Disc
Herald on Jugger

Greg S
Land Raider Crusader for Inquisition

14 more Guys to finish off initial order


Tim V
More Marines! Bikes this time.

More Cryx - man they are a pain to build.

Then some art stuff here and there.  I got a lot to do.  It never ends for me haha.  I think I just won't sleep that much and paint weird stuff at night.  I might take some days off next week to just get some full paint days in.  Will see.  I got a lot to get done before October.

Ugh this week - carpet cost is rough - 1500 bucks ugh.  I have it but man.  Plus getting new Car stuff too due to baby stuff - fun times!  That is another batch of money that I have too - but that means I am lower haha.  I guess I know why I was saving hehe.  No Xbox One for me for awhile.

Plus had 2 baby classes this week as well.  Those take up time away from me posting!  So there!  I got a game in this past weekend vs Ben Mohile.  We tied in the end due to some unfortunate luck with a Melta Cannon.

Played the list

The Elite Formation thingie from Champs of Fenris
Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 3 Cyber Doggies
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 3 Cyber Doggies
Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, 2 Cyber Doggies
3 Thunder Wolf Cav, SS X 3

Admantine Lance
Paladin X 2
Errant as Warlord

I lost my Wolfs so bad but the Knights made up for it.  One ran off to contest/get an objective and be a pain in the butt in the corner.  It was the Slaanesh one so I figured he bad touched all over Ben.  The Lance might be too good for regular play - but I will end up testing.  Don't know if the Thunder Wolf Armageddon is worth it - but man I love to play all those dudes.  I might just run 2 knights and as many Thunder Wolves as I can manage and cover the board in crap.

Something like this.

Knight Character

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Runic Armor, PF, SS
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic, Meltabombs
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
FA: Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 6, SS X 6, Pwrfist X 2

Vengeance Weapons Battery X 2, Quad Lascannon X 2

This might work - plus it has a ton of dudes running around.  I will probably lose pretty hard with it hahaha - but still it just screams my old style lists.

Models to look at.

Jugger lord with magnetized arms.  I didn't build him - but I paints!

This guy is based off of a Warmachine Model - one of those - just want to paint it things.  Should this go towards the  Feast Raffle Army?

Eat hot pink death!

This nurse just yells at you.

Mo Rhinos!

I've painted a lot of horrors dammit.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Post before I head to bed

I painted a lot this weekend.  I took Friday off and had Monday as well.  Got the carpet ordered - hopefully get the car thing resolved sometime next week and hopefully keep my bank account from bleeding way too much.  That is always the hope.

Celebrated 5 awesome years of marriage with the lovely wife this Friday.  Man we got married at one of the hottest times in Texas haha.  Still - I hope for 5 more years of my wife looking at me like I am crazy for being so obsessed with plastic figures.  I probably bought the last major thing for me - Nagash book today.  I really like the fluff.  Shit the Chaos one might change that - but hell I could always sell my Chaos Knights.

Those who were at Nova - sorry I couldn't make it.  Hopefully my Chaos knights look good being piloted by Gareth.  I should get them back sometime this week.  If I get lucky I can have them by the weekend for a local event.  I hope anyway haha.  Let's do the paint list.

Some more art to do and get done before the weekend.  Hope to get some early morning time on Saturday.  I got some more orders so will see what I can get done.
I might get some time to build that Chaos Warlord/Daemon Prince Dreadknight idea I have the parts for.  Plus I got some other parts to for more Goat wolves.

5 More Devs - Primed
1 Apocathery - Primed
I think 15 or so more marines

3 More Rhinos
Then I get to look at the new box of stuff

More Necro ork goodness

Land Raider to replace the GK.  Inquisitor style - probably red based with a grey set of colors to break it apart.

1 Jugger Chaos Lord Primed
2 Mauler fiends

5 Horse guys from Cryx
Small caster dude
Some other weird Merc guy with a mask

I have other stuff too - will see if I pull them out to get them started.  Don has some Warmachine stuff I am waiting to knock out some other things more.  It just never ends for me eh?  I think I crave consistent working environments.

Ok - some models no real army lists. I don't have time to break apart some ideas until I get all my toys back hah.

Man this jerk looks cool.  There are some more crazy things - built by White Metal Games

This is the Dark Age combo I talked about in my Bols article. Wings are from the Balrog I randomly had.  Yeah for being a bits hoarder.

More Flesh Tearers.

This initial batch is nearing its end!

We got super fists!

Did this one Tonight.  Painted 3 so far.

Did these guys yesterday.

He was done last night too. First Kharn ever too.

Same with these guys.  Plus that Dark Age Daemon Prince too - went a little nutty Labor day.

Oh yeah - some art - text is going to go on it and some other tweaking.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goatboys... Ah Crap - Wednesday

Sorry for the late post.  I got busy yesterday - wife got in a small wreck so we had to be at the hospital for 4 hrs to make sure the baby was good.  Everything was fine - looks like the car is going to get put in to get fixed and maybe will swap out cars and not be too under.  Will see how it goes.  Going to try to do stuff with it on Friday - as I have the day off (anniversary) and well - it would be nice to get it done.

I'm sad I won't be at Nova this year.  Too close to the kiddo coming out and the wife really wanted me to be home.  So I stay.  I am glad too as this wreck thing could have been bad.  If I did go I would have played some kind of knight thing with summoning or Knight plus something else.  I just enjoy the knights so far and hopefully will get more games.  In fact - my last week was spent trying to get the final Nurgle Knight done for a buddy to borrow for Nova.  Will see how it goes for him - hopefully pretty good.

Let's get my paint list down and then see where we go.

Article - maybe a more idea piece again - or thought piece - will see
Lots of art to do actually - want to see if I can knock out a few pieces this weekend as I have Monday off.
Beyond that - plan some more stuff for my Wolf Armageddon list - so maybe paint a model.

Luis P
Some more Flesh Tearer Marines - probably a batch of 10 more

Tim V
I have 10 more regular marines plus 4 rhinos to paint for this initial first batch - then we got some knights coming in and more biker guys - plus a combo Biker Libbie on bike.

Don S
Some Warmachine stuff

Some CSM stuff to get done by October

Will Whit
More CSM stuff

NecroOrks - the commission started up with a fury this last week - look for some more big stuff coming.  They are looking cool as hell too.

Greg S
I got a LRC to figure out - and some AM/IG stuff to get done so he can get started with his GK again.  Really cleaning them up for the Inquisition

Cryx! I got 10 Mechanithralls built tonight - they will get some paint on them this weekend.  Plus the Weird Cryx horse guys - I have 3 more to build - will see how much I yell at them.

I have this plus house stuff too - we need to get more Baby things and deal with the car.  Yay!  And I need to get someone to finish the stairs for me.  Ugh been a pain in the ass to find someone.

Ok - so onto lists - this is where I am leaning when I get bits in to create my ThunderGoats.  I have some ideas on ways to get it to look right and not be an issue when figuring out what model does what.

Champs Formation that has Elites over Troops etc
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic Armor, Meltabomb
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
FA: Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 5, PF X 2, Wolf Claw X 2, SS X 5

Knight Errant

LoTD Formation
LoTD X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun
LoTD X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun

This army gives no F's.  It is coming in hard and fast - plus it can get the knight fixed up pretty easily.  The Knight won't be shooting much as he just runs with the bulls/dogs/goats/etc.  The LoTD are there to get Wave Serpents and be annoying in general.  You have to deal with them as they fall down.  I could look at an Assassin too - so it is another idea.  But shit - this list has no casting cuz it don't need it.

Ok - what most people like - models and art.

NecroOrk Destroyer Lord

Some Destroyers

Anni Barge eh?

Its the face that I like.

I magnetized the gun - just in case.

Check out my ass!

It's that over shoulder shot - looking worried out the window as it rains.

More pew pew!

I got some bullets and Jump Pack guys - might be what will see in that Online SM game.
The logo thingie.

Mr. Tyrant!

No one takes his snacks!

Oh crap someone farted!

He just wants to give a sensual back massage.
LVO's Logo for next year.  A shirt and everything will be there too!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Woohoo - Late Monday Post

I painted a crap ton this weekend.  Waiting on getting a new car to get a bunch of stuff for the baby - so I just spent it throwing paint on models.  I caught up and finished some commissions - so all in all a great weekend.  Woohoo.

Beyond that I have changed up some food diet stuff - had a bad doctor review that means I need to remove some things out of the diet.  It is good so far and I am feeling pretty good.  Plus my pants are fitting better - shirts seem to fit better.  And my goatee doesn't look like it is hiding all that chin sausage.  Hah.

I just ordered my bits to recreate some Space Wolf stuff.  It isn't a huge amount of models so it shouldn't take long to get them ready - plus it plays a Knight which sounds fun to me.  I just want to get that character to work - but might have to drop him down to a regular one.  Shit some of those new formations from Champs are strong as hell too for my own army designs.  It does seem to fit into - troops just don't matter that much anymore.  Now if other armies had more formations - sniff daemons please?

Let's go with the paint list real quick and then go from there.

Article - not sure what I will do - might be a kind of - is this fast rules release worth it?  Benefits, bonuses, etc.
Nurgle Imperial Knight - a buddy is borrowing the 3 for the Nova so I need to get it done by this weekend.  I start building it tonight - legs got partway done.
Test Iron Priest.  I plan on going with each "thunder wolf" style unit in Goats to be different.  So all the Iron Priests look one way - all the Wolf Guard/Wolf Lord look one way and finally the actual Thunder Wolves look this one way.   I think it will help make the games easier to play for me and my opponent.
Some art maybes?

More Flesh tearers - looking at another 10 this week

Tim V
10 More Dark Angel guys hopefully

Start building some IG infantry squads

Necrorks start back up again - looking for a unit by next post

Cyrx guys - hopefully get the rest of the undead horse people built - then painted.  Will see.

There are some other small things too - so will see if I feel like doing it.  I got to get some stuff for the babies room done.  I need to find a good local handy man to get stairs fixed (need to be resurfaced - I don't think I can do it).  I need to get my wife's car swapped out to a bigger one.  And shit - not go crazy at work right?  Work was busy today - just all day grind and getting pulled all over the place.

And wife broke her phone so meh - fixing screens sucks!  Meh... but it works better now soooo...  Blah!!!

Gonna try out another Wolf list hopefully this Thursday.  The plan is the same as what I posted - as I just love running around with Thunder Wolves.  They just fit my play style.  Hard, fast, and not giving no shits haha.

Ok - painted stuff...

This finishes off those Wyches or Witches or whatever. Some other DE stuff will come later on.

Herald of Khorne/Chaos Lord/Locus dude - conversions from all kind of bits.

A fun kit to put together actually - lots of weird Empire style - really.  Nothing to gaudy and the idea of a guy screaming at you while driving a tank - sounds awesome.


Dat's a ton of horses.

Changing reds up to PP reds - I like them a lot.

Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down!

Bullets are what's for dinner.
Some arts!