Thursday, August 25, 2016

Late Post - Long weeks of Work, Life and Frustrations

Work has been a bit rough lately.  Some big changes coming leaves me working a lot.  It is ok - I am just always busy so I don't have nearly the amount of time to throw down some nonsense thoughts on a blog.  But still - I plan on updating more.  I am still painting, drawing, and playing 40k when I can.  So woot on that.  Let's get a paint list together - then some army thoughts and then a ton of new minis and arts.

I had a rough few weeks on art where nothing working for awhile.  Lucky for my own sanity painting was alright but art was just sucking.  I filled a notepad full of random doodles trying to get through the rut.  There are times I wish I was doing art full time and then you go through this dry spell and you are thankful you have a decent job, good wife, and a family to come home too and not just get more down.  It is the burden from creatives where you feel like you are missing something when you are not creating.  Like you are just rotting a bit inside.  But I got through that crap and now onto some stuff I plan on doing.

Paint List
Tweak BOLS article
Frontline Art - 3 or so more pieces
Art for another client
Friends logo art
Probably some more art

Chaos Space Marines finally!  The box is staring at me and I finished a ton of stuff the last week.  woot

Nick R
A marine commission and Tau commission - depending on what he feels like.  It never ends

More Iron hands as usual

And of course other stuff is going to come in - people just figuring out armies and other things.  I am sure I will get another Knight or two as usual.  It seems short but there are a lot of things floating in the wind.  A Tetrad commission is coming too.  You know how I love to paint daemons.

Alright - War Games Con is this weekend and I am playing my new Tetrad you will see down below. I blame a client having me do 2 Daemon Princes for making me paint another.  I will update the for sale page after this weekend as I have a few Daemon Princes laying around.

List I am taking

Daemonic Incursion
Murder Horde
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 Units

Infernal Tetrad
DP, MoK, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Armour of Scorn
DP, MoN, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3
DP, MoS, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3
DP, MoT, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3, Impossible Robe

Furies X 5, MoT

Basically I threw out the knights for the Tetrad.  There is an idea that if the FAQ sticks and you only see one Meltabomb per unit - the Knights might come back.  Still it should be fun - I played it once and had a good time.  I got my spell sheet made up and a ton of these effect markers using old bases.  This way all my princes will have their powers floating by them for my opponent as well as myself to remember and know.

After this I plan on getting some Death Watch done and work on some really terrible armies.  I got an event in Oklahoma coming up called the Iron halo GT - and if I can get some Death Watch armies working I could have a good time.  My initial one is based on some models I had to get done to get them out of my head - robot Assassins.

Assassinorium Execution Force

Assassinorium Execution Force

Death Watch CAD
Librarian, Lvl 2, Force Axe, Auspex
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 3, Drop Pod
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 2, Drop Pod
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 2, Drop Pod

Basically I want to win best Assassins in ITC with this terrible nonsense.  Plus the ability to have to Vindicares killing guys sound awesome.  I also have this thing someone asked me to write up - it sounds fun as shit too.

Baronial Court
Gallant, Helm of the Nameless Warrior

Death Watch CAD
Librarian, Lvl 2, Force Axe, Auspex
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 2, Storm Shield X 2, Drop Pod
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 2, Drop Pod
Deathwatch Veterans X 5, Frag Cannon X 2, Drop Pod

Culexus Assassin

You are just going full speed ahead and I the Gallant Lance might be better.  And still it just sounds rad to run around with full CCW Knights, a bunch of Deathwatch coming down and some severe beatings coming.

So look for some Death Watch coming soon from me.  Will do the normal metal arm and then Red one arm to let me match up some of these Pods I have laying around.  Fun times indeed.

Ok some models and some art to get this done.

Assassins - Culexus, Callidus, Vindicare, and Eversor

This was the picture that I basically redrew and redrew - this finally came out and I was happy with it - the background etc.

Nature hurts!?!?!

Yeah a marine again!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life has been busy


Doesn't mean I wasn't working - but I have been busy.  Did ATC, finished some paint commissions, wrote BOLS articles, tried to keep ahead at work, and went for 2 promotions which I didn't get.  So sad times but hey - I still got work so that is good right haha.

Ok - enough of that - paint stuff etc - then lots of random stuff.

Frontline AOS art - got some of the groups to do
BOLS article - probably a what lists look interesting from ATC/Web
Maybe some weird conversion stuff - but it all depends on what list I plan on taking for War-games con
More art as usual.

Nick R
Finish bikers and then start on battle company

Brandon V
Finish some Tau and some big centurion conversions - have to figure em out

2 Daemon Prince Conversions - should be fun - right up my alley

James L
Should see a Chaos army start to paint

More iron hands to work on - should build em tonight.

I think that is it for now - will see I might have forgotten something.  I don't remember everything al the time haha.  I just want to knock out some stuff so it can get out of my house hehe.

List thoughts - just wrote up this dumb GK idea - I don't know if it will even work but it looks goofy.

Nemesis Strike Force
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, The Book to give him more powers, Staff
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
Purifiers X 10, 2 Psycannonys, 6 Halberds, 2 Hammer
Strike Squad X 5

Nemesis Strike Force
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
Purifiers X 10, 2 Psycannonys, 6 Halberds, 2 Hammer
Strike Squad X 5

UM Librarian Conclave
Tiggie Smalls
Librarian, Lvl 2, Terminator Armor, Axe, SS

Librarian, Lvl 2, Terminator Armor, Axe, SS

Idea is to use the GK libbies to get Gate and teleport around since I can't ride around in drop pods anymore.  I don't know if it would even work - but it could be fun as hell.  Plus you start on the table top and get moving across the field with teleports, and other dumb tricks.  Plus you got a ton of spells you can throw.  I could just do it with a ton of terminators and use Teleport homers to get around.  Tiggie would get swapped for another Terminator guy and maybe I run Dread Knights?  Meh - trying to get GK to work damnit.

Meh - it would be goofy to see.  I guess it depends on how well you do with Sanctic powers.  It is fun to think of a few Vortex's floating around the table top.

Plus the idea with all Terminators could use Teleport homers as one guy shoots forward and you start to stack around him to cast more spells.

Right now I am currently embroiled in a Tetrad thought process.  I am looking at a Tetrad and a Burning Skyhost combo.  I don't have Warp Storm control but I have MSU and a Paradox herald which can help me control things.  I might have enough MSU to not need Paradox but this is an initial thought list.

DP, MoK, Wings, Armor of Scorn, Greater X 2, Lesser X 1
DP, MoT, Wings, Greater X 2, Lesser X 1, Lvl 3, Flyer Ace - Warlord
DP, MoS, Wings, Greater X 2, Lvl 3
DP, MoN, Wings, Greater X 2

Sky Host
Herald, Disc, Paradox, Lvl 2
Screamers X 3 - 9 Units

Just shoots around the table and while it can't corrupt it will do some damage.  Plus it has Paradox to ensure summoning or something else is doable.  And there is enough guys to help control things towards the DP's etc as they fly around.  I took off the Robe on the MoT guy as I don't have Fate to control Leadership checks.  I could add it back as that guy isn't going to be throwing 5+ dice to cast summoning spells so he most likely won't get perils to fall down or die etc when he takes a wound.  It is an idea - Flyer Ace might be better as the Warlord Trait of +1 inv save and +1 to Tzeentch daemons mixed with a +1 from the flyer ace means he gets down to a 3+/2+ etc without the fear of eating it to a leadership check.  I was hoping to get a game in today but my buddy seems to have gotten busy.  It just means I can spend more time finding screamers.

ATC was a lot of fun.  The escalation table screwed me one game where I was -1 to D's, Stomps, etc vs an Iron Hands star.  It meant I couldn't kill him at all with my knights and the mission was set up to favor death stars.  Meh that was a bad loss and I had another at the hands of Geoff.  Dice went tits up for me and Geoff had the luck I had in our first game where everything came up 6's.  His army was strong too - but when the dice favors one it doesn't matter I just lay there like a noodle - letting that beastly dude wreck me hehe.

Alright models and other stuff.

Woot Knight knocked out!

KoW army done!

Flying Dakka dakka!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Goatboy's Somewhat Consistent Post

I have actually been playing weekly lately.  Practicing for ATC and basically reconfigured the list back to what I ran at Alamo and almost won it with.  I think this is the best, consistent, list I could use.  I did one small tweak - change the Furies to MoT.  This is cheaper and allows my herald of Khorne to take another lesser gift.  It gives me an extra Attack too and he becomes a marine killer.

Basic list

Daemonic Incursion
Daemon Lord - Fateweaver

Core - Murder Horde
Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Lesser  Gift X 2
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 units

Furies X 5, MoT

Foresworn Knight Detachment
Renegade Knight, Avenger Gatling Cannon
Renegade Knight, Avenger Gatling Cannon

Basically I found the double Gatling Knights were cool but the Warp Storm just went to something ok instead of something powerful.  I find with the Fate Reroll and single Dice reroll I can throw out a +1 Inv save, get some daemonettes, or even go after a caster on the other side.  The dogs help me control who hits the Knights and having access to a D Close combat attack made this set up a lot stronger.  Overall I feel confident in the list and have played 7 games with it so far and feel like I can kick butt with it.

Thus tomorrow I throw down with the Tetrad plus 2 CC knight build.  The 1850 army list shows up in my Monday article with chatter on how to make it 2000 points.  Might be testing 2000 points as War Games Con is 2000 points this year.  Seems fun and hopefully I can kick ass with 6 models on the table top.

Let's do a paint list - it is kinda all over the place the next few weeks.  I finished a FW commission that will probably move onto other stuff for  Chaos later on.  Knocked out the Space Sharks as well.

Nothing really for myself -
Art wise - rework and brighten logo and do some illustration work for front signage. - should have initial logo done later on this weekend
Bols Article - written

Imperial Knight build/paint - should get worked on this week.  Got done with a FW build which leaves me open to some smaller/tough builds.  Full magnets.

3 Vendettas - need to use some of the lascannons from centurions to do the conversion - will have pics - should get them built tomorrow.
Then it is onto marines for him later on

Brandon V
6 Centurions conversion holding the gun like - well a gun.  Arm change, gun change etc.
6 Tau thingies - the small suits that are stealth?  Already build - just need to prime and paint

James L
Chaos guys - got to open the box yay!

Finish off Chaos Dwarves - got 10 Gargoyles primed and ready to paint this weekend.  Will do another 10 and then have 2 big guys to finish up and one random walking guy.  Light is at the end of the tunnel haha.

If I missed anything shoot me an email to remind me.  That should cover most of it.

Let's get to some models and some art.  I knocked out some Frontline stuff for AoS.

A heck of a lot funner to paint then it is to build.  I got this Red scheme down haha.

MoT furies - Reaper Bones see through Flame Daemon lady thingie.  It is weird - primer on it leaves it sticky but any reg paint is fine on top.  Annoying but these guys look decent.  Black, blues to reds.

Quick drop pod.  Inside is basic metal.

Woot more Chaos Dwarves - again more fun to paint then to build.

Hey - have you seen my severed head?

these guys are both cavities.

Immortal unit

This is the last of the Space Sharks.  Yay!

Finishing off the AoS art for Frontline Articles.