Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Welp that took awhile

Lord have mercy that was a long break.  I still painted stuff.  Not as fast as normal - but still knocked out a ton of stuff.   Plus some artwork etc etc.  Right now my next event is War-games Con - which I think I can go to as my new baby boy came July 6th.  Should give me enough time/brownie points/etc to get to go to the local event.  Will see.  I have to decide on a list.

List 1 - Updated Custodes/BA/AM - I probably don't need to paint much - get more CP etc etc. Kinda boring but who knows.
List 2 - Custodes/Knights - this one is painted too and will be fast and fun to play
List 3 - All DP and Nurglings - need to paint more Nurglings and get models back from people who borrowed so end
List 4 - Updated Bash Bros list if I want - cuz man it would be fun to play these turds again
List 5 - Zerkers and Knights - need to paint some evil Helvirins but meh - that could be fun
List 6 - Knights/BA/Custodes Heros - again nothing new to paint could be fun - prob test this first.

Fun things to think about - beyond that lets do some painting lists etc

Bols Article X 2 - whatever my Monday is and something for the week
Artwork for Frontline - got 3 images to do off of the same character
Artwork for Dicehead games - got to work on that too - hopefully.
Models - depending on what I want to play - and heck more daemon princes hahah... I got problems

Greg S
AM battalion guys
Armigers X 2
Some Intercessors
This batch should be started somewhat soon

Mantic Ork horde and Evil Dwarves -
Almost done with the Orcs - got one more stand left to do - on dock for this weekend I hope.

Mike K
Updates to the DW bits per what his play testing found out - less then 10 etc.

Sean W

Nick R
More random Tau and Nids

Luis P
Random Guild ball stragglers

Greg H

LoTR stuff!

Lots of stuff - it never ends for the Goatboy.  Looking at getting a game in tomorrow - thus the following list I will most likely play with.


BA Battalion
HQ: Captain, Jump Pack, Hammer, Shield - 129
HQ: Captain, Jump Pack, Hammer, Shield - 129
Troops: Scouts X 5 - 55pts
Troops: Scouts X 5 - 55pts
Troops: Scouts X 5 - 55pts

Custodes Supreme Command
HQ: Shield Captain on Bike - 160
HQ: Shield Captain on Bike - 160
HQ: Shield Captain on Bike - 160

Knight Super Heavy Detachment - Taranis
LoW: Gallant - 354
LoW: Gallant - 354
LoW: Warden, Iron Storm - 427

Pretty basic and should be easy to play with.  The Captains take Angels Grace and the Super Hammer.  One of the Captains should get a 3+ inv save.  Right now I am burning so many CP in the beginning of the game.  Lord.  Prob shouldn't do it haha.  Should just burn 2 for Knights (2 Warlord Traits as one is the Warlord, 2 for Relics).  Then burn 2 for Relics for BA and another 2 for DC on both of the guys.  That has me at 6.  Then I could go ahead and burn 3 for 2 3++ or just one for one 3++.  I will probably just burn 1 - gives me burning 7 out of 15 - leaving me with 8 which should be enough to pull some nonsense as needed.

Ok enough of that - some models and art and call it a night.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Woohoo I am still alive!

Been a bit - got busy, wife broke ankle, got more busy, kid is crazy, oh and hey I got busy haha.  Still played some games, painted a ton of stuff, and heck even did some artwork.  All and all my production side of things felt alright.  Slow due to life - but I don't hate what I am doing haha.  That is always the best feeling.  Let's see - paint list and then maybe some chatter on what I am currently building.

Paint List!

Finish up this Custodes army for myself I am slowly building.  Painting them is relaxing and I am just preparing when I start the other Heresy Custodes army I got in a box
BOLS article - got to figure out my Monday
A bunch of Logos I need to work on - a few things here and there.  I hope to knock out 2-3 this weekend will see
Charity Art
D6 Logo design
Barmaid Lady
Paul Murphy Art to finish up - almost done.
I am sure something else I am forgetting.

DKK build - finished 51 bodies - got some Heavy Weapons to do to get the basics done.  Will see models are not the best to build

Harlie commission - got some star jammers to finish and 4 bikes but this is done.  Of course watch the new codex make them a heck of a lot cheaper.

120 Termagaunts
Some other Nid stuff.
Maybe some GSC stuff if I got time... lord
And then some Tau

Some more Guildball - ton of it done down below and I got more to do woohoo!

Finish up Eisenhorn Daemonhost - plans for next week.

Necroorks are gonna be started soon too.

Brandon - finish up LOTD

Woohoo that is a ton of stuff eh?

Army wise I have been pretty engaged in either random Chaos stuff or this Custode bikers nonsense.  The Bikers are basically

1 Captain
2 unit of 3 Dirt bags on bikes
8-9 Man dirt bag unit

2  Commanders
30 jerks

Then either BA with Yolo captains and scouts or a ton of assassins.  I don't know which one I want - but will get the Custodes and AM side done and start testing it it when I got time.  But enough of that - lets look at some stuff!