Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woot, this week was a bit of a wash

I didn't get as much done as I wanted too.  I tried to put together a Nurgle Daemon Prince, but I was missing the stupid sword arm.  GW is sending one away, so hopefully I can finish it for next week.  Will see.  Beyond that, I completed some fantasy stuff and put together some random bits and pieces in preparation for the coming week.  Between animation and some other personal work, the painting might get a bit behind.  Will see.  I did some green stuff work that I thought came out alright, so hooray on that end heh.  I also finished up a model that was starting at me for the last few weeks.  Changing up an army can be one way to not paint a model.  This coming weekend is a Fantasy tournament, so I want to finish one guy up to get the army ready.  And it is a Tzeentch guy haha.   After that is a DP for Jay and probably putting together another defiler etc. I am hoping the Nurgle DP and Dreads might get done, but I feel they won't happen just due to timing issues etc.

Anyway onto the painting.

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