Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goatboy's Weekly Painting thoughts and Painted Stuff!!

Welp - finished some stuff this weekend. I had a rush VC order to do, a new rush Ork order to finish up, and a bunch of Future IG stuff too. Fun times eh? I figured that the mass of Army men will be coming to my door soon enough, and it looks like now is the time. I am taking over for one of my artists, that wants to just do large stuff (vehicles and other more conversion things) so this means more stuff for me to do. Woot. Luckly I am pretty fast so it won't be that big of a deal. And a lot of the stuff isn't rush things. So look for lots of IG squads coming in the future.

But enough of that, you want to see some stuff eh?

First - The 3 VC characters - the one with the banner is on a Iron Halo base, which we are going to start offering for clients in the future.

More for the orks - Ghaz and Snikrot

And a better picture of the Arbites from awhile ago.

Fun times indeed.

Future plans for this week

Finish banner for a client

Orks - Chris Rocke
Finish BW top bits - big shootas and top cover - wagon is done
10 Meganobz - getting them in today or tomorrow - finish them by the weekend, similar scheme to Ghaz
Finish BW coming in that is primed with Meganobz shipment

Me - Woot!
Finish 3 Knights from WOC
Add Chaos Lord to right base for Daemonic Steed (Fits better)
Put together 5 Terminators

Coming Weeks

IG - Luis
Get pieces purchased to give to painters and start

IG - Finish Cody project
20 Guys
5 Command guys

Orks - Chris Rocke
15 Kommandos
1 more BW
3 Deff Koptas
Converted Warboss on Bike/Kopta
And whatever else is sent

Will - High Elves
2 Lion Chariots (might get at them this week, but looking like not due to rush jobs)
And other High Elf stuff

Me -
Finish board for Bolscon

IG - Death Korps
In talks with this commission - will see.

Woot - busy times for me eh?

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