Thursday, August 13, 2009

I finished things!!!

This week is going pretty smoothly - finished 2 High Elf Lion Chariots for an old commission. One of those, get it done as you get it done. Very frustrating model due to it being put together - so not as detailed as I would like. Either way I plan on getting this done in the next month after my honeymoon in Hawaii. Once I get back - it is back to it super fast and getting more IG stuff out.

But beyond that - quick post today of some Bloodletters I did for a small commission. Look for a Thirster coming soon too - plus more IG tanks as I get them built up etc. Woot. I also finished up some art for another client so that is good too. Beyond all of this I did get in one game too - with the BW orks. Some wonky rolling later (I have had a warboss fail the last 6 3+ saves he has taken so far in the last 2 games) I won. Termies, Assault marines, and a sorcerer lord failed to do a single wound to two PK nob bikerz. This is of course after the nob bikerz skorcha out a full 8 man possessed squad and were left wondering wtf they were going to do. Welp 5 dead assault marines later and I chased off the full 5 man termie squad and sorcerer off the table. And shot the one guy holding his objective. I also shot up some bezerkers from a BW and was waiting to run over some more with another deff rolla wagon (I know they aren't good, but I got one from the new kit and I must play it). All in all a rather weird game. I like the list, it gives me options so will see. I don't think it is great, but it works.


Joseph said...

Goatboy, most of these models you post pictures off all have a bright gold sheen regardless of being Orks, Demons or IG. Do you use that much gold, or is it a camera effect?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Might be a camera effect. These models are actually gold at the last highlight - so they should show that etc. I am investing in a new camera after my wedding to hopefully bring the pictures up a notch, as well as try to take some of the yellow out etc.

But these guys are a brass color with a green hint in the recesses to give it a brass type of look.

Stelek said...

You noob. Everyone knows Khorne demon tongues are RED!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahahahah - they can be whatever color I want!! And they ate green gumballs before the fight.