Friday, January 22, 2010

Woot what is up - Goatboy is here

This last week was busy. I had to cover an fellow night time employee so I couldn't get a game in on Thursday. I am hoping I can throw down tomorrow if there are any tables left during the fantasy tournament. We had 36 for the 40k one last week, so there is a good chance it might not be a go team Venture. I went 2-1 in the tournament, facing an army I painted in the second round that handed my Space Goats a butt whuppin. Fiends are the shit in the Daemons codex, and if you have to play them, you better hope your army has a ton of shooting. I didn't with the Space Goats, so that was a loss for me. If I played my BW orks like I originally planned, I would have most likely dealt with the many boobied monsters pretty easily. Oh well.

So lets see - what did I do this week. I painted a lot and will show a bunch of pics. I got a new camera last week, and it is really giving a people a chance to see how much more subtle color work I put in my models. This means a whole site overhaul on the photo side and probably some changes to some other bits. And starting up the online store with prepainted work etc.

So first of all some IG stuff I did for Darkwynn.

This next week I plan on finishing another Chimera (done 5 already!), a manticore, and 2 Medusas. If I feel like it another squad or two will get done also. Will see. The heads on the IG are Pig Iron Productions. They are pretty sweet heads and really makes his guys stand out.

I also finished up some dreads for my marine bike army. The second army build within the list is to add in 2 Iron Clad dreads with pods. From there I might add some regular ones and a Master of the Forge. That is the plan. Also this army will be my blood angels army when it comes out. It is easier to keep the scheme and the rumor is I can still run bikers as troops in it too. Will see if that stays. I wish they had set that up in Space Wolves, as it would give you a neat and interesting army. Oh well they got Thunder Wolves.

Also the local store is having a painting contest and I went ahead and did mine already. I spent a week or so on it and will probably add more. In fact, I have another board to set up, a Big Mek on uni wheel I will show later on this week, as well as an extra Battle Wagon to really create the full squad. If I get the Battle Wagon done it will be all tricked out, with grots running around, a deff rolla and other nonsense. It will be set up to exactly what I normally run, and this unit will be my entry into other Painting contests as well.

The plans for this week are more orks for the local store owner, maybe some Elysiums to finish off the order from Spain, some Warmachine stuff for Big Red of BOLS, and the second drop pod to finish out my bike army for the local Hobby Tournament next month.

Later on this week I will post my hobby list I am planning on playing as well as some of the other lists I normally run. Any interest in my ork builds or current Space Wolves, CSM, or Marine Bike builds?


deathjester25 said...

Id like to see your ork list along with some more pics of it. Im starting my AoBR orks now and i always find your stuff inspiring

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Love the head swaps on the IG... really makes them stand out!

What was the Fiend list that crushed the goats?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

15 fiends - fateweaver, 2 squads of plague bearers, 2 DP, one soul grinder and a blood thirster and like 2 squads of daemonettes.

If you don't kill the fiends, they will eat your army up. That is the issue. You can't run away from them and the only thing that is good, is massed fire,40+ shots from something.

If I played my BW orks it would have been a different game, but oh well.

Fiends are the shiznit in daemons.

Stelek said...

Hey amazing idea for that Hydra!

Oh wait... ;)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

what do you mean? It is a FW one - Painting up Darkwynn's army.

Robert said...

I'd love to see your current SW list. I'm trying to run a cav list too, though it differs a bit from yours. Seeing how your list evolves and comparing it to how mine evolves has been very educating.