Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Sunday - WOOHOO!

Last week was a busy one. Work was a bit much and then I was finishing up the HOA stuff. Congrats to my budy Colby who won one of the armies. The Steel Legion one. He already has an IG army so it is funny he has another now haha. So beyond that let's see.

I got a game in with Brent from Strictly Average. He brought his Brotherhood down to Austin and I gave him a what for with my Grey Knights. Look for the Batrep to pop up on BOLS before long. It was a fun game. I liked how my Grey Knights played as I felt in control of all the pieces throughout the game. I think I am close to finding my optimal build for the Goat so will see. It is the army I plan on bringing to Feast of Blades in November. Fun fun fun.

Might as well post my paint list. I got through almost all of it last week so I am hoping this week will be another good one.

Chimera - Did it today!
Inquisitor - Primed
2 Jokaero aka Flamer Monkeys - Primed
2 Servitors - In pieces
Sorcerer from Storm of Magic - Primed

Merc Warmachine Guy - Did it today!
Khador Character Jack - In a box

Michael N
6 Ork Bikerz - In 2 boxes

Nick R
Warmachine Menoth Caster - Did it Today!

Luis P
5 FW Death Korp Guys - Primed
5 FW Death Korp Guys - In Pieces

Daemon Prince - Did it Today!
Random CSM guy - Did it Today!
2 Test Fiends - In pieces

There will probably be more Khador stuff mixed in with some other Ork stuff. I need to figure out how to get a flyer to be on a base correctly as well as just building some other stuff. I am so happy the HOA stuff is done as it will let me get back on track to busting out some more projects. I got more Marines coming in too. Woohoo! As well as some Malifaux stuff and Infinity bits and pieces. Fun fun fun.

Brent got a chance to see my game room so look for an article to show the sheer amount of bits, models and other random pieces. I am at 12 armies I think now that are fully painted with at least 2 that are in pieces and could become more armies. Crazy stuff. I will also be doing a review of the new Air bag from Battle Foam in a few days. Fun stuff indeed.

Alright first 2 bags I did this past week. One is for a trade and the other is for HOA. Both are orks. I like drawing orks hah.

And finally some minis too.

Alright that is it. I will try to post more on game thoughts later on. Hopefully things will slow down enough for me to work through some stuff.


Rednekkboss said...

I am SO looting the monocycle ork bikers. Good stuff

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Teek made em - they are friggin awesome. I want some too haha.

Kirby said...

I want some Tzneetch eyeballs!

Black Blow Fly said...

I love the SG chestplate for the GK. Pretty darn cool brosef.

: )