Monday, March 12, 2012

Goatboy - Monday Late? - tired.

Woohoo - I started up painting a lot of things today. Woohoo! Makes me feel good. Plus I think I finalized my mind on Adepticon for my regular army. Will see if I do well with it. Will post it as I get closer.

Paint list this week.

10 Horrors of Tzeentch - Built and Primed!
5 Screamers of Tzeentch - Built and Primed! - weird conversion hopefully get them this week.
Plastic Dudesmen - Script in
Art logo stuff - Almost done?
And a new single model conversion - based off random stuff I have or got

Luis P
8 More Mordhiem guys - Primed!
More Mordhiem guys - Who knows how many?

Mantic Corporation model guys - 10 of them - DONE!
Maybe more?
Maybe the Puppets war contemptor/dread arms!

Ravager - Done!

There might be other things - but leaving things open. Will see.

I plan on bringing Demons and it depends on what kind of army I feel like. 6 Horrors or 5 with a blob of Nurgle to help sit on my home objective. So will see. I got a crap ton of models from Larry who was cleaning stuff out. So I got more orks hahah. Nutty stuff. Will see if I do anything with them. I also clipped a bunch of sprues this weekend too.

I know not much exciting stuff - but I hope to get a game with Demons this Thursday. That is the hope. So will see. List coming later I swear this week.


And some art.

More this week. I swear!

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HOTpanda said...

It appears that both of your alter egos, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were seen lurking around The Chaos Manifesto. I could assume they were their to see your work of art proudly displayed as my banner. It was noted that the two of them were wearing their Sunday Best and as such have earned you a shout out.