Sunday, March 23, 2014

Goatboy's Sunday? Monday? What Day?

Man Adepticon is coming.  I did something stupid and bought the wrong date to fly in.  Lucky I was with Southwest so it didn't cost me much to change it.  But man... first mess up in ticket buying in awhile.  I blame getting everything all at once for a few events.  My fault but ugh!  I will be there Wednesday and hopefully Thursday and Friday won't just be Death Star A Rama for me.  Who am I kidding - I will just be playing Thursday hahaha.

Still not sure on what to bring. I have to get my Adepticon Team part done this week.  It will be the Goats so I don't have to do too much.  It won't look completely awesome but parts will be neat.  When I get ready to do my Goat Knights I will look at cleaning up the guys to make an army.  I think the Knights are good - not amazing.  They should all be 25-50 points cheaper but enh.  I just wish we had all the options in there ya know?

Still looking at Knights plus stuff.  You have to be so sure with anti flyer.  It is making me thinking Marines with a Storm Talon and Raven but man - you need to fit what is needed in 730 points.  Look at this basic Marines.

HQ: Librarian
Troops: Tactical Squad X 10, Grav Gun, Heavy Bolter, Combi-Grav, Upgrade to Vet
Troops: Scouts X 10, Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks
FA: Storm Talon, TWL Lascannon
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL Lascannon, TWL Multi-Melta

Tacts ride in the Raven with the Librarian.  Pop out as needed.  The Libbie should take Telepathy for the chance at Psychic Scream.  Knight Part is

Knight Paladin X 2
Knight Errant

It looks good?  Probably what I will test for the most part.  Will see.

Now onto my paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - Script is in - doodles started
Article written - basically talking about Helbrute Dataslate
Me - Marine bits to get ready for Adepticon - need list again so lots of stuff
Review for Evil Minis - Painted!
Lots of Frontline Art.

Knight #3 - Done Tonight!

Bases - need to build and paint
2 Piranaha's - In boxes
2 Broadsides - In boxes
1 Counts as Cypher - Primed for tonight

Revenant - Need to find good instructions - worried as it looks brittle

More Ultramarines for a gift - waiting on some Bronze arrows.

Epic Pose Draigo on cool base - paid for getting ready to get the pieces together to start building then painting after Adepticon.

I got other stuff coming in too so this next month will be a busy one as usual.  I think I just can't stop eh?  I wish I could play Bel'Akor at Adepticon.  Jerks I tell ya!

Man - just don't want to play Fate and die like a boss every game!  So man... makes me just want to play this hot mess.

HQ: Keeper, Exalted, Greater, Lvl 3
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Heavy: DP, MoS, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3, Wings, Armor
Heavy: DP, MoS, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3, Wings, Armor
Heavy: DP, MoS, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3, Wings, Armor

Screw this all - just get in my van and I don't care.  Plus the army would look cool on the table right? And fly super easy hehe.  I thought of this dumb list too - CSM/Crons

HQ: Typhus
Troops: Zombies X 30
Troops: Zombies X 30
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Heldrake

HQ: Nemesor
HQ: Obyron
HQ: Royal Court - Necron Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle, Weave
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Immortals X 10

Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Lascannon

This isn't a fun list - but very aggressive with the teleporting Group that has tank hunting Gauss guns.  They should rip apart of things and if Knights are a pain this might be a good option for that.  The Lord is there to cause some Mind Shackle problems and the Warriors plus Night Scythe is just another decent troop to go across the board.  The 3 Drakes are just there to remove things and you need the one Autocannon to help deal with Armor.  It seems decent - you could also make Crons the main and get a crazy group with the Immortals and look to add in Tomb Spyders.  But I don't have those so thus I use this right?  Hehe - I just need to make Nemesor and Obryon to get this working.  Oh and fix one Dragon that is busted.  Hrm...

Ok some models and call it a day.

Evil Chaos Dwarf thingie - I forgot where the model is from - but Greenstuff heavily to get the gaps filled.

This commission is done!

Necron style.

Finish Evil Minis Unit for review - coming soon to BOLS.
The Final Knight.

Logos, banners, etc.  Yay I do arts!

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