Saturday, March 14, 2015

Goatboy's Things and Such

Played at Railhead Rumble last weekend - if you read up on it I won Best Overall.  Pretty stoked about it as it means my paint, sports, and battle points were the best.  Some people think that is the only way to measure the game is getting Best General - while fine in its own right - just feels like it is too much pressure to be a jerk sometimes with your army list.

HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Art Armor, Pfist, Auspex, Shield Eternal
HQ: Chaplain, Bike, Meltabombs
HQ: Command Squad, Bikes, Meltabombs X 4, Grav Guns X 4, Apoc
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav, Meltabomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Meltabomb
Heavy: Centurion Devastators X 3, Grav Cannon/Amp X 3, Omni Scope

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Runic Armor, PF, Storm Shield, Thunder Wolf
HQ: Rune Priest, Lvl 2, Meltabomb, Runic Armor
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod

So meh!

Quick rundown of games. Railhead had a betting system to decide your games.  You had 2 points and it went something like this.

0 - Recon (special one that was a pain - just go to their site to see it)
1 - Dawn of War
2 - Hammer and Anvil
3 - Vanguard

0 - Relic
1 - Kill Points
2 - Crusade
3 - Emperor's Will

My army just had the single unit that would deploy so I really didn't care about much.  I had a decent amount of Kill Points - but they were wrapped up in a super unit so it was hard to pull that much from me.  All but one game was Kill Points and I played Dawn of War 3 times, Hammer and Anvil once and finally Recon.

Quick rundown of games.

Rd1 - Ben Mohile (Crap and I stayed with him too haha) with Necrons. Decurion detachment, plus Destroyer thing with a fat unit of Lychguard.
Dawn of War and Kill Points
Rolled Perfect Timing (Cast it once) Prescience and Misfortune
Well this is a great pull for round 1 right.  One of the other members from Team Texas and a damned awesome player too.  He got me bad the first time we played at the Boyz and I wanted revenge.  This game was all about my Apocathery from the command squad.  I failed a lot of armor saves but I was so hot on my FNP rolls that it didn't matter.  This game it came down to a bad mishap on his Deathmarks (they died) and it left me usually 2 ahead on Kill Points throughout the game.  He couldn't throw his Lych guard into my rock and I got lucky knocking down a Night Scythe with my Centurion Devs.
I ended up winning this one so yay go me.  I wanted to go 3-2 this event and I got my revenge against Ben.  Wife was like - is he gonna make you sleep on the streets hahah.

Rd2 - Another Ben with White Scars.  Khan, Command squad, Thunderfire, Hunter, and lots of bikes.
Dawn of War and Kill Points
Perfect Timing, Prescience, Forewarning
Another Kill Point game and it came down to me gutting his Command Squad and slowing taking out bits and pieces from his army.  I got ahead on Kill Points and he would have to get to close to allow me to assault with my super unit.  His Warlord was driving around and causing issues as he broke away and didn't let me go after him.  Good game and a lot of fun - I think the initials drop from the centurions was a bit too much when I took out a good section of his Command squad and then my super unit got into Khan and friends to remove them.

Rd3 - Brad playing Eldar.  He posts on DakkaDakka with his blue Eldar army. 6 Serpents, 4 Dire Avengers, 2 Fire Dragons, Auratach on foot, 2 Swooping Hawks units and 2 Wraithknights.
Dawn of War and Kill Points again
Perfect Timing (Way too good in this game), Precog and Prescience
This one was all about the Centurion Devs doing work.  They came down - killed one Wraithknight and then ended up killing the second one later.   They Removed one Wave Serpent, killed the unit out of it and then immobilized the other.  I was able to get rid of all the Fire Dragons and the 2 Swooping Hawks as Brad tried to keep me from getting into his lines by blocking me off.  I got most of my characters down to one wound each and they ran off and hide while I was up on KPs.  It was a rough go for him from the beginning but Brad toughed it out.  Good player and a fun game.

Woot - 3-0 day 1 is pretty good.  I already did what I wanted to do without a Chaos Daemons army.

Rd 4 - John with White Scars plus a Knight - Khan, Command, 3 Biker Units, Thunder Fire, 2 Storm Talons
Hammer and Anvil plus Kill Points
Prescience, Forewarning, Foreboding
John scouted up and tried to seize.  That's when my army pounced - killed 2 bike units and the centurion Devs killed a Thunderfire and put a hull point with their brown noise on the Knight. After that the Knight kind of derped around as it tried to get into them and still shoot my stuff.  He failed 3 charges and ended up getting Graved out.  I assaulted Khan and another bike squad round 2 and it just left his two Storm Talons left.  It was a rough game and John took it like a champ.  I had this huge template that had a scratch on it for a Knight explosion.  I gave it to John and he used it to kill Nick's Warlord in his round 5 with an explosion.  I call that a win.

Rd 5 - Matt from Austin who won Best General with Dark Eldar with Eldar.  Auratach on a bike, 1 Bike squad, 1 Reaver Squad - lots of Venoms, 3 Ravagers with Disintegrators, 1 Wraith Knight, Raider with Lama thingies and 3 units of the shadow daemon dark elder things - Mandrakes I think.
Recon and Emperor's Will
Prescience, Perfect Timing, Misfortune
This is where my luck when out the window.  I haven't played Matt yet locally and that is more due to the baby coming and me not always having enough time to throw down on Thursday nights.  I had a good game even though I lost and had fun playing Matt.  He kicked my butt and at least let me kill some things to feel good about myself.  I ended up losing but knew my other scores kept me pretty high in the rankings and I should be ok with Best Overall which I ended up winning.  So yay! I failed like 9 2+ saves to venoms and failed all the FNP.  I blame Ben's game for taking all those damned saves from me.  BAD TOUCH GETS HIS REVENGE!!!

Good event and a lot of fun - so thanks to Will and crew for putting it on.

Paint list
Command Squad Idea # 1 - need to build
Command Squad Idea # 2 - need to build
Libbie on Bike 1 - need to build
Libbie on Bike 2 - need to build
Iron Priest #3 - need to build
Iron Priest #4 - need to build
WGBL #2 - need to build
Evil Scouts #1 - need to build
Evil Scouts #2 - need to build
Art for the Long War - Character stuff

Nick Rose
Speed Adepticon fix
Fix bases
Finish partly painted Centurions

James L
Riptide #2 - Primed and set up to get done
Drones for it - Primed and set up to get done
Riptide #3 - need to build
Big gun ship thingie - can't remember name need to build

1 unit of custom built nurgling - Built and Primed
1 unit of normal Nurglings - need to build

5 Scouts - primed

6 Chaos Spawn
1 FW LR thingie with lascannons

Brandon V
Wedding gift thingie - Eldar woohoo!  Finished all them damned LOTD

I am sure I am forgetting other things - will see.

Rush job to get done before Adepticon - I got one more to do too - for someone else.

This started out as a Groot from Disney Infinity - now it is a C'Tan woohoo!

Iron Priest 1

Iron Priest 2



Steve Turner said...

Sick list you've got there for sure !!!

Congrats !!!

LordNurgle said...

love that World Eater art!!!!

I kinda got the feeling from this article that you hold best general above best overall, am I just reading that wrong?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

No best overall is the best in my mind - its call writing this at two different times and then like - saying eff it post it hahaha.