Monday, September 28, 2015

Almost did the Post Weekly!

Woohoo - this weekend was a bit of a wash due to Mother in Law being in, wife having a rough week with the baby (cute little bugger is dancing to the Ramons right now), as well as the work week being long.  It meant no real artwork done due to the time frame but I have some from last week to throw down.  I got a few things to do this week too art wise so hopefully I can get it done.

Let's do a paint list
Drop Pod 5 - primed the old one again to paint up to match the others.
Build 20 Purifiers at some point
Noise Marine Art
2 More pieces of Art for Luis
Art for Caleb for an army idea
Maybe something else?

James L
Heldrake - should be almost done tonight then this lot is done!

6 Black Knights
1 Speeder

12 Bikers of the Dark Angel

More bikers of the grey marine type

More Chaos stuff

Drop pod X 2
more necromunda stuffs.

I am sure other stuff too - but I always work.

I am pretty much screwed this month with 40k events due to baby stuff.  So many people have kids in this time frame... that means that people were having some winter holiday action going on.  Woohoo!

But if I was going to play here are the lists I would throw out with.

List 1 - CSM CAD/Crimson Slaughter Ally/KdK CAD

Sorcerer, Bike, Lvl 3, Force Axe, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer, Bike, Lvl 3, Force Axe, Spell Familiar
Cultists X 10
Cultists X 10

Crimson Slaughter Ally (Works cuz of how the book is written but who knows)
Sorcerer, Bike, Lvl 3, Force Axe, Spell Familiar
Cultists X 10

Chaos Lord, Juggernaut, Sigil, Powerfist, Lightning Claw
Chaos Lord, Juggernaut, Big Bad Axe of Doom - Warlord
Cultists X 8
Cultists X 8
Flesh Hounds X 15
Heldrake, Baleflamer
Heldrake, Baleflamer


Basically a big blob of dumb with all the rules that make it dumb.  It has some immunities to Grav guns due to its 6+ armor save nature etc.  Plus it has a Warlord that is hard to get rid of if the tithe starts working.  If Tau ignore a ton of cover then he isn't worth it but it is an idea.  Plus it has a ton of magic.  It might be good to have Force Staves in hopes to pop a WK but who knows.  The big squad will generate blood tithe as it kills stuff.  The dragons too.

List 2 - Dual Knight Star

SW Fenris Detachment
WGBL, Thunder, SS, PFist, Runic
Rune Priest, Bike, Lvl 2, Runic
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 3
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 3

Dark Angels Ally
Librarian, Lvl 2, Bike
Ravenwing Command Squad X 5, Apocathery
Scout X 5

Knight Detachment
Knight Crusader, Battlecannon
Knight Crusader, Battlecannon


This is what I played at War-games Con with mind magic added.  It seems to help out in those match ups where making a Knight invisible might be really strong.  I didn't try to add in a Dark Shroud due to the preroll 2+ not having in ITC stuff.

List 3 - Super Duper Sharing Friends

Dark Angels CAD
Sammie - Warlord
Librarian, Bike, Lvl 2
Ravenwing Command X6, Apocathery
Scouts X 5
Scouts X 5

Clan Raccon Ally
Chapter Master, Bike, Art Armor, PFist, Gorgon's Chain
Command Squad, SS X 3, Grav Gun X 3, Bikes
Scouts X 5

Fenris Champs
WGBL, Thunder, Runic, PFist, SS
Rune Priest, Runic, Bike, Lvl 2
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4


Another super friends combo.  Things that start to get nutty - one Unit is Sammie, CR Chapter Master, CR Command Squad, Rune Priest, Iron Priest.  The other is the Ravenwing Command, WGBL, Iron Priest, Libbie.  With the Dark Shroud near them - the Dark Angels get Shroud which transfers to the unit - thus the CR Command now has a 2+ Jink Save as well.  Plus they all get Skilled Rider.  It is a pretty nutty list too haha.  Just too big moving blogs of annoyance.

GK/BA List I am building

BA Flesh Tearers
Libbie, Lvl 2, Force Axe, Meltabomb
Tactical Squad X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Assault Squad X 5, Meltagun X 2, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

GK Nemesis Detachment
Libbie, Lvl 3, Big bad book of one more spell
Libbie, Lvl 3
Strike Squad x 5
Purifiers x 10, Incinerator X 4
Purifiers x 10, Incinerator X 4, Daemonhammer
Purifiers x 10, Incinerator X 4, Daemonhammer

This is a weird one - it might work.  Either way it looks good and gets me to make a bunch of Drop Pods.  Which of course will make me do more drop pods too for the other random army with Drop Cents.  Meh it is just a weird no cover nova nonsense.

Might try to get to an event this Sunday.  Will have to play it by ear.  If I did I would probably do the 2 knight list cuz I like stomping around with the Knights.  I don't think the new Tau thing is the best - but using it as an anti assault star unit with massed stomps from 2 guys might be good.

Models/art etc.

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