Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Before the Alamo Post woot - Will see how I end up doing.

Woot it's that time of the year - another Alamo 40k GT.  Last year I did get 2nd even though I wasn't announced and hopefully this year I will do alright.  Bringing a basic list as it is an initial test for ATC.  Will see how it does.  Will post it after the paint list.

Paint List
BOLS Article - Started - another Psychic Spam list haha
Chaos Knight Build

Mike K
More Space Sharks

Brandon V
More LoTD stuff and some Tau thingies - almost done

Nick R
Vendetta and Valkyrie


Heresy Iron Hands

Greg S
Some extra marines

Got some  Fantasy/KoW stuff coming in as well as some other fun stuff.

Army list for Alamo

Daemonic Incursion
Daemon Lord: Fateweaver
Core: Murderhorde
Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Lesser Gift
Flesh Hounds of Khorne X 5 - 8 Units
Aux: Chaos Furies X 5, MoS

Foresworn Detachment
Renegade Knight, Gatling Cannon
Renegade Knight, Gatling Cannon

Buddy said I need the D CCW just in case and I figured he might be right.  I wonder if another list I played at War-games Con can be done with a Chaos Death Star build - Cabal/KDK/Knights - it might make me feel like a true evil player haha.   It is another thought.

But here is hoping I have a good time or two with the army and just drink a bit over the weekend.  Going with friends and staying in a hotel near the location.  Got a plastic drinking horn too - woohoo!

Will have a game write up next week after I get back.

Models to look at

Some D&D figures woot

Flyer - it came together a lot better then rumored on the kit - yay!

Ignore the base haha.

Old ass model :)

Another Magnetized Knight

Scouts scout scouts!

Vulture giving more Dakka.

Art for ATC missions

LVO's new Logo/character art for the year.  Hangover for the win.


Brycifer said...

Nice work on the Fire Raptor!

Steve Turner said...

What's so great about the cabal ?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Cabal gives you up to 5 Sorcerers that you can place in units - and create a star with KDK dogs. Plus they have an extra power for free that lets them take over a non vehicle unit and shoot with them - stealing a Unit of Storm Surges, big unit of Scat Bikes, Wraith Knight, a Riptide is pretty boss. Plus each sorcerer has the power just one can do it per turn etc. Thus you can't just get rid of it by killing one guy.