Sunday, January 29, 2017

Post before LVO

Been a fun week too - wife lost her grandma - work has been full of what ifs and where I might move to change a position.  Fun stuff like that.  But I keep chugging along with some artwork and minis.  I got LVO coming in a few days - I suspect I will go 4-2 with my KDK death star list I talk about on Monday at BOLS.  Besides that I am preparing an AOS army based off of Tzeentch.  It should be fun and the games I have played have been a heck of a lot more enjoyable then some of the nonsense 40k throws at me.  It leaves me with high hopes for 8th edition for sure.

Let's see - paint list - and then some minis

Finish the rest of the Triumph thingie - the Saint is up next
Building a Tzaangor Shaman to paint
Maybe build something else - but most likely go back to focusing on client work
Artwork for some people as well

GS Cult - got a crap ton of minis built for me to paint up

Finish off this Space Wolf lot - got a few more regular guys to finish up

Finish off this  Cryx order as well - got some bird things primed up to do this week before I leave

Infinity for days

Final bits of the Silver tower

I went with a KDK death star list as it means less summoning and a bit more board presence.  I know the table are going to be full of crappy brimstone conversions and other nonsense.  It does make me wish I figured out a good way to bring the Grotti along as he could just make units disappear with his stinky booty.  Oh well.

I know I will finish this Death Guard army as Mortarion is coming most likely and I just need to get some more Rhinos.  I found all my converted Autocannon havoks so I might just repaint them white to match and have me off to the races.  It will look neat and most likely play for fun.  I think that is most likely how I will play most 40k in the coming months.  Will see.

Alright enough of this - next time will be an LVO battle report - most likely with me ending my time watching AOS and trying to get on their live cast.

Final normal biked sorcerer - with force sword.

3rd Chariot of Tzeentch - bah summoning is so annoying.

He is coming for ya - arms are magnetized for ease of play.

This guy wasn't hard to build - a pain to build.  Removed the tiny back skull floating thing cuz that broke as I built it and I broke it again awhile painting it.  Paint it in at least 3 parts - body, arm and fat bootie.


swanson4969 said...

Like the list the only thing is where are you going to put the Tzeentch sorcerer? I thought he can't join the flesh hounds.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Daemon of Khorne and Mark of Khorne are not the same thing - the dogs have Daemon of Khorne the sorcerer has Mark of Tzeentch - they can join up etc. The Flesh Hounds also do not have instability.