Saturday, January 12, 2008

How did the game go?

Welp, I won, and I really showed the insane horde power of the new orks. But the list down below is what I played, and here is what I played against.

Thousand Sons
HQ: Sorceror lord, no wings, no jump back, running around with the thousand sons

3 10 man thousand sons squads, each with sorcerers with warp time on em

2 10 man (?) havok squads with 4 autocannons each.

5 man lit claw terminator squad.

2 6 man demon squads.

I would have pics, but alas I can't find my camera cord, so I will have to just chat it up.

Terrain, about 25%, with each side having some runs, trees. Middle had a big piece of a ruined building. Since there were no template weapons to fear, I had each my two 30 man squads bunched up, 2 trucks with the nob bikers and warboss hidden behind one building and out of site, with my other trucks hidden behind trees and terrain right near the two large boyz squads. Lootas were towards the back, with the Tankbustas in front of them.

Chris was set up, with his two auto cannon havoks in terrain, and his squads of Thousand sons in a tight batch in the middle of his army, and his Terminators hidden in cover to use as a counter assault unit.

I didn't write good notes, and I promise to write em down better next time. But interesting things that happened. The expensive nob squad. Not worth it. Lootas: worth it. Nob squad going to get swapped out for another loota squad. Yesh. Tankbustas. Not terrible, but Chris ran no transports, so my bomb squigs were worthless, but oh well. They never got let go, no need to kill my own trukks, no matter how funny it would be hehe. What else did I find out, aspiring sorcerers in thousand sons squads with warptime, are deadly mutha fuckas. They will kill 3 to 4 every assault, no matter what. And nobz squads are butchered if they get into assault with them. I also found out, assaulting a 30 man ork boyz squad is hard to deal with. You can only kill so much in your 2 inch kill zone, and then you are surrounded by orks and the hidden power klaw of doom that is waiting to squish you. Orks with 3 base attacks, add up. And a 2 + armor save versus 20+ wounds, is not super awesome. Then mix in 9+ power klaw attacks coming at ya. Woot.

But in the end, I won. The horde is hard to deal with. So many models to try and kill. It is a pain. The big issue I see with orks, is that Monolithes are going to be horrible to play against. Never able to hit with Power Klaws, rokkits only glancing on a 6, it shoots a lot and teleports those skellie thingies away. Arghs all around.

Next reports will be more intensive, with turn information and pictures (if i can find my damned cord).

But changes, bikes out, more lootas in. More DAKKA!!!

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