Saturday, January 5, 2008

Something interesting

So the Def Koptas in the ork codex. They get a scout move at the beginning of the game, thus meaning they can make a normal move, thus meaning they can make a turbo boosted move? If that is so, then this makes the unit pretty damn powerful and a useful way to ensure that your trukks get there since they can hopefully gum up the heavy weapons that might cause you some issues. 24 inch move behind cover, then if you happen to go first, bust out 12 inch move, shoot and assault. Put two buzz saws on them and you got a unit killer.

Just a thought, might have to create a 3 man Def Kopta squad and test it out. That is of course if they can turbo boost. And hell, it would help in Escalation games since they would always be able to start on the board.


Oh and is anyone up for a game on Sunday? I am finally feeling better today, and I think one more day of rest and I will be almost 100%. Hooray cedar fever.


Psyberwolfe said...

That seems interesting. I have read some counter commentary that poses some interesting thought. Tubo Boost talks about happening in the movement phase, scout moves do not occur in the movement phase but before the first turn and therefore would not allow a turbo boot to occur. I am leaning toward the idea that the def copter could only move 12" in its scout move, which is ok by me. (I do play orks btw.) I think that the ability to a travel 24" plus assault 6" in turn 1 is far more fair than 36"+6".

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I agree completely, and I think something was said about it for the ravenwing etc, but I am pretty sure it doesn't work. but if it did, hahaha... gross stuff indeed.