Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woohoo!!! Gonna post more this week

The plan this week is to paint the following as well as start testing my Word Bearers army. First painting.

Word Bearers - Razorback 3 - TWL Lascannon - as well as rhino options - primed
Word Bearers - 5 Regular smucks for the Scoring, sit back razorback - primed
Word Bearers - Attack Horse/Bike - already done woot!
Necromunda - 8 Goliath Guys - Primed
Dark Eldar - Venom - Like Crusader Class guys - Primed
Chaos Predator - Done in a Russian Tank style - Primed but needs build fixing to finish/magnets

So that is it as I got some other work to do art wise too. Fun times for the Goatboy as new contract work has popped up which means I get to do some art stuff. I am constantly doing different things in order to keep myself busy. I have a regular job doing Fiber Optic Technical Support. It is fun and keeps the bills paid as well as keeps me in Health insurance. Sometimes you need that as the life of a freelancer doesn't really support a Marriage and a mortgage :). And I like free Cable too damnit!

I just put together the local store's Storm Raven. No pics as obviously everyone is getting one. I am grabbing one from the store there as well as one from my good friend Rob Baer at I try to buy all over especially from people I know. It is why I still get comics because I want to continue to purchase stuff as that is one of the ways to keep our hobby going. The kit went together pretty well and I like the model. I have always like the brick of doom look and think it fits as a Space Marine vehicle. And yes, I do think it will be for every marine chapter out there. It makes no sense as all the story books talk about flying things as well as it is an expensive model and we all know how many marine players there are. Chaching! I think I can fit it into my wolves for sure. Hell it would be awesome to see Bjorn flying around in his super pimp wagon of doom!

Current Word Bearers Initial List - With Tricks that I will start testing with this week. - #7

HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Meltabombs
HQ: Wolf Priest, Combi-Plasma, Saga of the Hunter
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Bike, Storm Shield, Powerfist
Elites: WG X 5
WG 1 - Power Armor, Combi-Melta, Powerfist, Bike - 1 - Swift Claws
WG 2 - Power Armor, Combi-Melta, Powerfist - 2 - Razor Lascannon/TWL Plasma
WG 3 - Power Armor, Combi-Plasma, Powerfist - 1 - Rhino Grey Hunters
WG 4 - Terminator Armor, CML - 1 - Long Fangs
Elites: Wolf Scouts X 5, Meltagun
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Meltagun, Razorback, Lascannon/TWL Plasmagun
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Meltagun, Razorback, Lascannon/TWL Plasmagun
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Flamer, Razorback, TWL Lascannon
Troops: Grey Hunters X 7, Plasmagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino
FA: Swiftclaws x 5, Power Weapon, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Heavy: Long Fangs x 6, Missile Launchers X 5

So basically a large amount of bodies with some stupid tricks in there. I got the 2+ cover save nonsense I can pull for IG - as well as some annoying Fearless troops that can sit on an objective. I got fists everywhere as needed as well as some Long Range Firepower that I wanted. I wanted to have a sit at home troop and the cheap Razorback fit the bill. It also gives a wall for my Long Fangs to hopefully hide behind as needed.

The bike squad is pretty mean with lots of guys and 7 Reroll to Hit Fist attacks and 12 Reroll to Hit PW attacks. Plus a ton of regular attacks. It isn't Thunder Wolves but it should hurt people. Plus being fearless is pretty neat. So suck it PBS!!!

The other neat thing is I am going to be the special guest on the Geek Nation Tour of Britain. So if you live over in the British Isle's and want to meet, yell, or throw me the finger I should be coming over in September. Look for some articles talking about how excited I am in the coming months as I get prepared for a pretty awesome experience. I plan on bringing the Word Bearers with me so look for some 1500 lists. Goatboy is coming at you Europe - be afraid muahahahah!!

Minis!!! BEHOLD!!!


Old School Terminator said...

The Chaos Marine on the Horse looks awesome. Nice addition with the horror.

Black Blow Fly said...

The model for the Stormraven has grown on me the past few weeks and I'm planning to buy one next weekend when it goes on sale.


Rob said...

The dude on horseback looks really cool. Is it just a torso swap?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yup just a Torso swap on that guy.