Friday, May 4, 2012

Goatboy - Friday Thank Goodness

But I have to work tomorrow to cover for a buddy. So poops on that. I get OT so that is good too - need to pay for whatever nonsense is coming out later on. Overall my bank is ok - life is pretty decent beyond professional nonsense that makes me mad. In fact it feels like I have had about 2 months of constant annoyance that keeps me well - annoyed. Lucky for me my wife rocks, I still have a job, and the art/painting is doing alright. Nothing is worse then wanting to move ahead and feeling like people don't want to help or want to keep me down. Will see what the next few months have for me.

Current tournaments I plan on making right now. This way if you want a bag you can come on down and I and throw some cool art on it.

Alamo 40k GT - that's on May 19th and the 20th. It is a 2000 point GT and I am bringing a very odd GK list that is a mixture of everything. It is designed to not be nearly as soul crushing as others but still give me a chance to outplay instead of just out dice. List below.

Wargames Con - June 21-24th - I will be helping with this con again. Look for me at the booth doing bag art, yelling at people, and most likely being Goatboy.

American Team Championship - July 14th and 15th. Team Wrecking BOLS is going for a repeat again this year. Will see if we get a chance too.

Feast of Blades - Oct 26-28th - This is the other one I will be at for sure.

I have some others I am looking at so who knows where I will be. Right now it really depends on if I like 6th or not as these other events will have to decide as we get closure to the release. Will see.

Other then that I am just churning out models as usual. I was at Adepticon and got lucky enough to get a Hordes plastic boxed set. I got the Legion box and was given a Circle box by a buddy as well. I painted up the Legion units as I just wanted something different to throw some paint on. Look for the Circle set to come in a few days as I built and primed it already. I didn't gap fill the Legion as I was just goofying with the paint - the Circle one got gap filled as some of the space left was a bit annoying. Reviews will go up on BOLS at a later time.

My paint list has gotten pretty completed for the most part. I did a ton of art this week as well - Plastic Dudesmen, character designs, and other nonsense. I don't know if I posted a lot of the other stuff but here is a batch of art to check out.

My current list for Alamo. I turned in the list for those interested.

HQ: Grand Master
HQ: Coteaz
Elites: Purifiers X 8, Incinerators X 2, Halberds X 5, Daemon Hammer X 1
Elites: Tech Marine, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades
Troops: Death Cult Assassins X 7
Troops: Warrior Acolytes X 3
Troops: Warrior Acolytes X 5, Plasmagun X 3, Razorback, TWL Assault Cannon, Psybolt, Dozer Blade
FA: Inceptors X 10, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt
FA: Storm Raven, TWL Lascannon, TWL Multi-Melta
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Heavy: Land Raider Redeemer, Multi-Melta, Psybolt
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

1999 on the Nose and full of nonsense. Almost the entire army is converted to be a Rogue Grey Knight army. Hell I should post all my good guy Grey Knights for sale if anyone is interested. It is a crap ton of Purifiers, converted Characters, and other nonsense. Tons of Rhinos, razorbacks, Dreads too. Lord even a Good Guy Dreadknight. If someone is interested I can list it out. Probably want a Grand or so but who the hell knows. I will count it out.

Alright that is it for now. Going to buy a glass display case from Ikea to get some models looking nice in a Visual Jail. Fun times indeed.


Brandon Griffith said...

It saddens me that Chris isn't blowing bubblegum anymore.

Black Blow Fly said...

I like that gk list bro !! Wish I could be there for sure. Knock em dead for me !!

: )

andrewbruch said...

Seperate question:

In your space wolves or other marine chapters do you more often than not:
A) stack wargear like wolf standards, mark of the wulfin and soecial weapons on one marine.
B) Individualize each upgrade guving them to different marines.
C) mix and match: special weapon, wolf standard/mark

I am leaning toward option three for a few reasons:

The models would look cooler
Spread out CC upgrades from shooty upgrades

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Each of the Seperate for sure. The wolf standard is usually blown first - so it goes away pretty quickly. If the unit is getting shot to pieces most likely they are already dead or won't be able to use their standard effectively.

I like to set it up with basically 5 seperate units in the unit for wound allocation.

Wolf Guard
Meltagun guy
Mark of the Wolfen
Wolf Standard
Then a power weapon or just the regular jerks.

This way you can dump some bad wounds on the meltagun or wolf standard if you have already used it.

andrewbruch said...

Cool thanks for the info. I ran yhem sperate last night in my games but started to question my choice.