Monday, May 14, 2012

Goatboy - Monday Late!

So I am playing Xenos this weekend. Woohoo - two tournaments in a row without marines as my main group of jerks. Orks this weekend should be fun. I call it move 13 and roll some d6's haha. So it should be a good weekend for sure. My wife is coming down with me this weekend as well - so it will be nice to have someone pretty to sleep with in the room.

So with that in mind - let's do my paint list for the week before I go.

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn - need to get the dialogue down
More art for other things - hope to show it later on this week
Fix ork stuff - Fix any ork things to make sure I am ready to go for the weekend
Finish Trollblood boxed set

Luis P
Mordhiem stuff - 11+ - built and need to prime

Raider - Try to get one done before I leave for the weekend
Baron - Want to start this for next week.

I will be going up to Virginia in two weekends too for FTW birthday bash. I will have a big post about it soon just want to give a heads up on that if you are planning on it. That should give me a lot more bags to drawn on and get some cool art out there.

Beyond that I plan on a fairly basic week - with just preparing for the tournament and get stuff done around the house. Lord I need to get this one part of my room fixed. It isn't getting water in there - but a corner wood piece fell off during the winds so I need to get it covered. It is in a bad position where most likely I will fall if I get my ass up there. I checked for rot and found none so I think I might call a handy man or roofing place that has a tall ladder that I don't have. Anyone local good at that stuff?

Now onto some models to look at. Got the new Battle Wagon done. Lord I am so tempted to redo my ork army. I need to wait to 6th and if my Weird Boyz become a hell of a lot more interesting. Will see. Means I get to convert some.

The deff rolla was made out of bastion bits, battle wagon bits, and other random bits. It is magnetized to the front so it can pop off easily. Same with the guy in the back who can jump off or get shot off if someone kills one of my big shootas.

Man I want to clean up some of my wagons for sure. Lord - the paint monster begins haha.


Darkwynn said...

What I wasn't pretty enough to sleep next to?? I HATE YOU DAWG!

Brandon Griffith said...

uh oh, the honeymoon's over...

Black Blow Fly said...

Oh well !! I sure hope it was fun while it lasted .


Ubberdorc said...

I love me some empire greatswords...because I am one: 8)