Friday, June 8, 2012

Goatboy - Friday!

Woohoo - First let me write my paint list - then I got into my own personal game thoughts for a skirmish based game. Interesting stuff for sure!

Paint list

Dakkajet 2 - Build it
Weird Boy 1 - Built
Plastic Dudesmen - Done
Bols Article - Done
Plastic Dudesmen 2 - Drawn
Banner Art - Drawn - need to build and color
Review Model 1 - Done!

Baron - start the build
1 Raider - hope to find time this weekend and next week

Luis P
4 Mordhiem guys - Done
5 More random dudes - primed
8 More jerks - Primed

BOLS - Big Red
Batch of 3 Winter Guard - Primed

Ogre Nick
52 Termagaunts - Getting them today - want to do them Sunday!

I bet I do a bunch more - but it depends on what I get done this weekend. Will see - I got Sunday to bust out a ton of stuff. Katie is off today and Saturday so I will be hanging out with her as well as trying to get some small things done.

Ok now onto my game - the thoughts etc.

Talking with a coworker/buddy of mine I started working on the dice mechanic to get things to work. I originally thought up this combat system that is designed for both players to "fight" with their dice rolls to try and win/hit etc. But before that let's talk about the basic stats of the models.

Models have 3 main stats. This is done on purpose to be easy and simple - with extra rules coming from equipment/options for the characters.

Attack - How well they hit at whatever they do. This is for both Melee and shooting. Basically your attack is the basic amount of dice you roll when competing with your opponent.

Defense - This is how many dice your roll when you are competing against your opponents rolls. This can be used to dodge shooting attacks, melee, magic, etc. This is the basic state to get the hell out of the way of damage.

Health - How many hits you can take. Pretty simple and basic.

This is pretty simple and kept that way to ensure the game is easy to understand. Each model has those 3 stats and then has rules that can utilize those stats. So with that in mind let's go into how it all works.

Angry Steve
Attack 4
Defense 5
Health 3

Angry Mike
Attack 5
Defense 3
Health 4

Let's say both guys are fighting each other. When getting assaulted you can decide to do multiple things based on what equipment/skills you might have. To give you an idea here are some of the basic thoughts I had.

Shoot - You can shoot at the opponent as they charge. Roll you attack versus their defense. If kill them before they get there then no further actions are done. If you don't you are not able to roll your defense versus their attack to see if you don't get hit.

Defensive stance - You can roll your defense versus their attack. You win the combat you take no damage.

Attack back - You roll their Attack versus their Attack. If you win you do damage.

So let's now say Steve is the one charging Mike. A charge gives you one extra dice to roll against your opponent. You take the amount of attacks you have, plus whatever bonuses and roll all those dice together (d6's).

So Steve has 4 attacks base plus 1 for the charge. Steve rolls 5 Dice when they attack.

Angry Mike can attack back if he wants or he can try to dodge out of the way. His defense is low so most likely he will just want to punch back in whatever way he can. He takes 5 dice and rolls them versus the opponent.

Steve rolls a 6,5,3,2,1 - you always drop the 1's and 2's as they always miss.

Mike rolls a 5,5,4,3,1 - you always drop the 1's and the 2's as they always miss.

You set the dice up with the highest to the lowest and compare the two.

653 - Steve
5543 - Mike

Steve wins 1.
Mike wins 2 and thus Mike wins the combat and does damage.

The idea is to create a system that allows both players, even those not going first, a full set of options. This way it never feels like you just lost on one dice roll instead of getting a chance to at least compete.

I have been messing with the dice system and want to make sure it works or at least isn't copied somewhere. I don't think it will work for a large scale game as that many dice rolls could be a problem but on a small skirmish based game it might work out.

But really I want to make sure the core thoughts work and then from there try to break it. But that is where the initial thoughts are hittin right now. Tell me if it sounds interesting or not.

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Randroid said...

Sounds interesting.

One thought on the combat - what is the lowest and highest number of attacks that will be available?

It may make it easier/faster if there is a "compare up to X number of dice" instead of the "compare all of them" method.

If you are going with the "compare all of them" I would suggest making it even more head to head with each player rolling one at a time against one another. That would give it a sense of urgency and combat intensity .... maybe.