Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woohoo - Rested from Wargames a bit

Just built some models - getting new Ork army ready and figuring out what the hell I want to play for the ATC. Yup I am going to that in a few weeks - got my plane tickets and everything. I am more excited about seeing people instead of playing - especially with 2 weeks of 6th edition ready, breaking, and tweaking.

Right now I am looking at allies - but most likely the second force org at 2k will be the big culprit as some of the newer armies will just have more options when they can fill out more force org. I think most people are looking at either too expensive options with allies or other things that won't really help them. Of course will have to see when the book itself comes out. I am excited about using CSM with Daemons as I think Daemons might get a nice boost with Fateweaver giving CSM a nice kick in the butt.

Really I think the strongest thing in allies will be those that are very very friendly with each other. That way you can pass off abilities across the table. So will see.

Wargamescon was bad ass. I sold off two armies and some models as well as a bunch of bags. Will get them in a post later on this week. Hell hopefully some new art too - in fact that is the plan for today - art stuff!

With that in mind - let's look at my paint list.

3 Killa Kans - one is built
1 Plastic Dudesmen - need to figure out which one to do
Shirt design for Feast - got an idea - need to complete it
New Business Cards - Need em damnit.

Raider 2 - Finished - got to magnetize the base - paint it up etc
Phoenix Bomber - Start this model build - need to create the base.

7 IG guys - Primed
7 Mordhiem Guys - Primed

Paul B
Finished a quick commission for a Texas Kid - Custom Wolf Lord he made - Finished - pic later

Big Red
10 Khador Infantry - They are primed.

Looks like I might be working this weekend on Sunday. So I might have a huge amount of time painting guys. Will see. I still want to get my ork army done - at least the big stuff and then I can add more guys. I need to get 1 Dakka Jet done and 3-6 more Killa Kans.

At the ATC I am scheduled to play Grey Knights. Not sure what kind of list I want to throw down with - I am feeling something odd as I think it will just be more fun for me to throw dice. Will see. It will probably be a Draigo thing designed to mitigate Kill Points plus give me lots of movement. Will write up the list and start to mess with it in the coming weeks. Plus it means I can play with my Monkey Dreadknight haha.

Ok that is it for now - sorry for lack of posts. Hopefully with 6th will see a lot more information from my goatbrain.


Kirby said...

How'd the dice go?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Sadly didn't play a game. :(