Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goatboy - Sunday

I am going to post up some completed minis and then a new paint list for the week. With 6th edition rolling around I saw a few things that interested me in the FAQ. First of all - looks like Wolves are doing pretty well with 6th edition. In fact - I think that will see a lot of Counts As Rune Priest hanging out with whatever army can have them.

The Rune Priest is the only true "counter" to Psychic powers that are left right now. A 4+ within 24 inches will stop a lot of the psychic shenanigans that we will see, especially with the massed idea that regular Eldar makes things awesome. In fact - Let's say we just get the following in any army.

HQ: Rune Priest - 2 Powers if you want or 2 random ones - 100pts
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino, Dozer Blade - 170pts
Heavy: Long Fangs X 5, Missile Launcher X 4 = 115pts

Total = 385pts

You get an annoying troop, some good long range support (you can change them to lascannons too or a mix - you got points), and one of the best HQ options still in the game.

Hell if you don't want to go Psychic Heavy you could also just go with some beat down with TWC too. That could be spicy. Or heck a nice little old gem in the Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, + Super Dogs combo that sits at 165 pts. I hope Chaos gives me some love in the new book or the Goats will end up staying as Space Wolves most of the time. I am sure I will find something neat in that book.

Today I am going to try and get a 1000 point game in for a BOLS video of 6th. This is what I plan on bringing with some painted Orks.

HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead
HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 25, Rokkit Launchas X 2, Nob, Bosspole, Powerklaw
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 25, Rokkit Launchas X 2, Nob, Bosspole, Powerklaw
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 1
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 1
Heavy: Killa Kans X 3, Megablastas X 3

That is what I want to test with. Should be fun and I will probably lose everything rather quickly hehe.

This is what I am bringing to the ATC. Or the initial list.

HQ: Draigo
Elites: Ven Dread, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Elites: Ven Dread, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Troops: Paladin X 1
Troops: Paladin X 10, Psycannon X 4, Bro Banner, MC Weapon X 2, Halberds X 3, Warding Stave X 1, Daemon Hammer X 2, Apocathery
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Daemon Hammer, Personal Teleporter
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Daemon Hammer, Personal Teleporter

They will all be evil and I just want to finish my games fast. No nutty grenades (I tried, would need to drop the Apoc and really with the way ATC is I can get good matchups for it), lots of bullets, and quality options. It will probably not work but it will be fast.

Oh yeah - finally paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - Got a basic idea - 6th related joke. I think it will be funny
3 Killa Kans - Built
Maybe Skorne battle box - Will see

1 Raider - Need to fix, magnetize then prime etc
1 Bomber - Need to get on a base then paint

Mordhiem + Many guys probably
IG - More guys

Chris C
More random Cryx stuff.

So yeah - will probably fill the week with more things so will see.


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Unholy_Martyr said...

Pretty atypical Grey Knight build with the Wonder Twins of nutcracking but I like it. Oddly enough, I got paired against a player in a local RTT this past weekend with a similar list and he was not keen in the least about the use of Mindstrike Missiles...but I digress.

Hope to see you at the ATC! I'll be rocking the Dual Ravens and a Dreadknight Defensive End.