Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am not dead! I am just trying to mentally catch up

I made it back from Feast fine.  I did crappy but I brought a Dbag list and I should have just gone with something fun.  To keep it short - I played two games where I didn't roll forewarning.  Yup tried to roll it 9 times the first time and then all 13 the second time.  Same player too as he was in my bracket.  I did not win the first one and said screw it on the second because I would know how it would roll out.  I know you are saying a 3++ is still good - but if the grim fails you are dead and I don't have much hope after that.  Plus I thought the list sucked.

This leads me into other ideas and other discussions from feast.  Shit I am sad to say there might need to be some kind of comp.  I am not sure what, but something.  A lot of these super lists are not that fun to play too.  The fun part comes from meeting friends, talking, and hanging out.  It is something I see the entire time I am there.  And thank goodness Nick kick some assed and won with an unconventional Eldar list.  It had weird choices but they still did the same thing - throw lots of quality bullets constantly and have the ability to movement.  All the things good armies need.  I am just glad Nick didn't use a combo Tau but meh.  I need to figure out a list I like better.  Just something to play because the combo shit I don't need.  Screw that.  I am tired of having to roll specific spells to win and so I need something more solid.

Ideas that were thrown around - Ork/Crons as I like Orks and have the right small Cron build.  I just need to decide if the Court or Obryon is worth it.  I think I just need to make one and test him out.  The ability to do all sorts of things is extremely powerful and the more options I have the better I feel I play.  I also like this Marine/Tau list that is brewing but man... Tau just cheat.  Fuckers.  Lists after my paint list for the week.  I am back and moving into the swing of things.  I got paid for some stuff that is coming in plus a ton of small orders are adding up.  They just like me to be busy hahaha.

Figure out list - decided if I want to paint, go with the Goats, or what not.  Marines/Tau with Goats and Angry Tau sound hilarious
Plastic Dudesmen - Pieces done, script in.  It is a very simple idea and I think it will be good.  Meh I had people tell me they like it and love the dumb IG guy. 
Frontline Art - Color Night Lord, Color DE, Draw Gold Dude, Draw something else probably
Rob Daemon - Working on a big grouping of art to make one big banner.  I got parts done.
Caleb - Coupons!
Other art to do too.  I got burned by doing some art and not getting paid.  Makes me mad... Art is a different byproduct for me over minis and I don't nearly have the time to work on it as I do painting models.  So wasting time sucks ass. Makes me mad damnit even though it was for very little scratch.

10 Flesh Tearers Tact Marines - Done!
1 Dreadnought - Started!
More Flesh Tearers - I think Mesphiston - In pieces!

Steel Legion Fun - Advisors, Marbo, Test Guy - Done!
4 Other guys for the Test guy above - Need to Build!
2 Mortars - Need to get from FW
Vendetta - Need FW upgrade kit
Manticore - Need to get from Frontline!

Fateweaver - Got him based, need to prime might get done on Sunday as a yay paint time
10 Fleshhounds - In a box - need to rebase
DP's - I think in the box - need to pull out and look at more

4 Heralds of Tzeentch on Disc - Need to get some basing stuff on them done right - but then I can paint these old ass models.  They Look rad!
2 Heralds of Tzeentch on Foot - Waaah?  Old metal jerks but they look cool.  Will be fun.
Art for shirt - Soon!  Probably next week.

Huge Cryx Army - deposit has been paid so this is coming in.  Look for stuff starting in a few days as I split my time between all of these.  I like to keep busy eh?

And of course I have others coming in too.  A small Nurgle batch and other small things.  If you didn't know I don't mind doing small orders.  It keeps things fresh most of the time inbetween my big orders and bigger clients.  Plus the art is always nice.  It gets crazy at times but.. well I don't think I would like it any other way.

So those lists I talked about.  Currently messing with the following.

HQ: Typhus
Troops: Zombies X 25
Troops: Zombies X 25
Troops: Zombies X 25
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
Heavy: Obliterators X 3, Veterans of the Long War, MoN
HQ: Overlord, Warscythe
HQ: Court - Voltaic Staff Dude, Teleport Dude
Troops: Immortals X 10, Telsa, Night Scythe
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Heavy: Annihilation Barge

It is in my box.  It seems alright.  The Oblits might need to get dumped out for 2 Mauler Fiends but I don't have them anymore as I sold some.  Blargh!  That is the only thought or the only real change I would look at.

HQ: Warphead
HQ: Warphead
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota, Fighta Ace
HQ: Necron Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle, Weave
HQ: Court - Voltaic Staff, Teleport
Troops: Immortals X 10, Telsa, Night Scythe
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe

Yeah boring but it starts boring and goes from here.  It has some tricks, can shoot the eff out of stuff and just be a pain.  Tau will probably kill it, but yeah shooting that much dakka into Broadsides would be fun.

Or I go Marines/Tau - Ironhands

HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Artificer Armor, The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer
HQ: Master of the Forge, Bike, Conversion Beamer
Troops: Bikes X 8, Grav Gun X 2, Combi-Grav
Troops: Scouts X 10, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles
Troops: Tactical Squad X 10, Rhino, Plasmagun
FA: Storm Talon, Skyhammer
Heavy: Thunderfire Cannon
HQ: Commander, Puretide Chip, Command and Control Node, Multi-Spectrum, Iridium Battlesuit, Retro-Thursters
Elite: Riptide, Early Warning Override
Troops: Fire Warriors X 5, Devilfish, Smart Missile System
Heavy: Broadsides X 3, Drones X 6, Shas'vre, Target Lock X 3

Idea was to make a Highlander list with things that did good.  I have lots of goofy options and the Tau Toolbox commander to activate all kinds of junk. But Eff... it is Tau.  Blargh ass!  That is what I say.  Still it looks all over the place but it is good.  Think about it as you look at all the parts.  Lots of ways to get strong templates, lots of ways to ignore high toughness and cover by joining things.  It seems good.  Meh.  Painting Angry Tau would be fun.

Ok - models to look at and Art.  Fun times as usual. 

Dragon for me!

More Flesh Tearers.

More Steel Legion - Advisors!

Frontline Art - Few more to come too!

Ender from Wrecking Crew.


DaCock Woodcock said...

You mention the dirty work “comp” and you did not have a million posts bashing it. Maybe gamers are starting to change there thinking.

I have been talking to a lot of veteran tournament players and a lot of them are either in a players funk or they sick of the same old armies at events.

There is no way GW really intended daemons to have 2 up re-rollable save or Tau commander having no guns just running around unit to unit just to give his special abilities.

Keep up all artwork/painting. I love to see it weekly.

Blackmoor said...

I agree with you.

We were talking about adding comp or doing something on the 11th company podcast last week because right now the game is not all that fun.

The three top codexes are just brutal and if you are not playing them you will just get run over. They also do not require any strategy or tactics because most games are won and lost by a dice roll. For example, did I get fortune? If no then I lose. Did I get the grimore off? If no, then I lose.

The LVGT format is going to be awful, so instead of chasing the meta I am going to just play an army that I like playing and just hang out and have some fun and get crushed by the guys who enjoy bringing the type of army that makes their opponent miserable.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Dude check out my Monday discussion coming up. It is all about this and what can be done.

It is funny but in Fantasy I think the age difference will usually shame people into not playing crappy lists. But meh... But comment on Mondays stuff.

The game when everyone is on the same playing field is a lot of fun competitively - it is just when it is too easy to sit and shoot. Terrain is a factor too but... meh.

BDS said...

I agree with what you said. While "comp" was/is a dirty word and hugely subjective, the big three/four tournament organizers can probably come up with a decent standard that smaller venues can adopt.

I only play locally, Michigan, but even just reading about the endless Tau combos, 2+ invul screamers etc. is getting boring.

These lists are a "Easy win" button, where is the challenge?

It is good for the mediocre generals to get a string of wins, but will only last as long as the rules/meta do.

Always shocked by the amount of stuff you can paint weekly.

Keep up the good work.