Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Thoughts.

I am working till 11pm the next two days - so I am stuck at home a bit before I get out to work.  It means I can watch some terrible TV, write up a blog, and even do some basic painting.  The plan is to paint a bit tomorrow morning so Wednesday won't be too bad.  I got a ton of stuff done this weekend.  I knocked out some art stuff so I can make room for some other things.  Plus I thought up some lists with Marines like a boss.  I got to get the Goats ready for Vegas right?

Paint/Art/Etc list

BOLS Article - Maybe Marine Highlander list thoughts
Plastic Dudesmen - Written and going to start the blocking out today before I leave for work
Rob WC Art - Got an idea - need to get it done next
Rob G Banner Art - Got two more pieces to do to get it ready to get colored.
Jens Star Wars Art - Got two to do up
Gift stuff - line work almost done too.
Goat Centurions - if I get the heads in time to buy some and start combining!
Goat Biker guys - want to do some nutty Chapter Masters.

10 Flesh Tearer Marines - Done!
10 More Flesh Tearer Marines - Primed!
Probably one more thing.

10 Bile Thralls - Done!
10 Mechithralls - Primed!
Maybe a jack or two?

4 Steel Legion Guys - Primed!
Vendetta - Waiting on Parts
Manticore - Waiting on Parts
2 more mortars - Waiting on Parts
10 Man Squad - Waiting on Parts

John G
9 Bile Drones - Need to build, clean, and get ready

Big list of stuff.  I am sure it will get bigger as the week goes on.  I had a good work weekend so I chunked through so much nonsense Hah.  Wife had to work all weekend so I was left to my own devices at home.  Laundry, painting, and art all done.  I have entered Domesticated Boss Mode!

Ok some lists for those interested.  One is extreme the other is Highlander.

Stupid Extreme List - Called Template Hell!

Iron Hands/White Scars

HQ: IH - Chapter Master, Bike, Art Armor, Powerfist, Eternal Shield - Warlord
HQ: IH - Chapter Master, Bike, Art, Powerfist, Storm Shield
HQ: WS - Chapter Master, Bike, Art, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Troops: IH - Bikes X 8, Grav Gun X 2
Troops: IH - Tactical Squad X 10
Troops: WS - Scouts X 10
Heavy: IH - Centurions X 3, Grav Cannon/Amp X 3
Heavy: IH - Storm Raven, TWL Multi-Melta, Hurricane Bolters, Searchlight
Heavy: IH - Storm Raven, TWL Multi-Melta, Hurricane Bolters, Searchlight

1850 - and stupid as all hell.  I can just see myself failing a leadership test first turn and my army runs off the board hahaha.  I think the Storm Raven might be the best way to deliver Centurions.  You can drop them as you come in, the threat of a Dangerous Terrain test isn't that big of a deal, and they can get up into the middle of the field and kill something as needed. The 3 Chapter Masters means you drop 3 big templates first turn all around the board.  Hit two Wave Serpants 3 times they will most likely be glanced out.  Those pesky Broadsides hiding and bamf they can die too.  Yeah they scatter but it sure seems crazy.  It's called Hero Hammer haha.

Next is more basic.  Probably what I would play as it is more balanced.

Still using two Chapter Masters for now - cuz Eff it Iron Hands all the Way!

HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Art Armor, Powerfist, Eternal Shield - Warlord
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Art, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Elites: Ironclad Dreadnought, Hvy Flamer X 2, Drop Pod
Troops: Tactical Squad X 10, Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Troops: Scout Squad X 10, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles X 10
Troops: Bikes X 7, Grav Gun X 2
Troops: Bikes X 5, Grav Gun X 2
Heavy: Centurions X 2, Grav Cannon/Amp X 3
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL Multi-Melta, TWL Lascannon
Heavy: Thunderfire Cannon

This one is 1850 so I might drop the 5 Man Bikers to get it ready for Las Vegas GT for 1750.  Still it looks boss hog as it goes in and gets the job done like it should.  Meh - it will be fun to figure out cool Chapter Masters hahah.  Those will be coming.

Ok art and minis and I call it a day.

Final Herald on a Disc

Wah… 10 more Flesh Tearers!

The Cryx begins!!!

WC Drinkin shirt.

The Paul Murphy as an Angel of Death.

Disco Night Lords for Frontline!


Tao said...

"Cryx Begins"? Can it be? Is the Goat giving Warmachine a go?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

No they are a clients army actually. I did paint one for myself a few years ago and then traded it off.

Adam ( said...

That dice in a whisky glass logo looks awful familiar... :P

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Well damn haha. Hey I didn't add a straw :).

But crap I should just do a White Russian version for you to use eh?

Adam ( said...

Haha, now we're talking!

You'd better be signed up for Beerhammer at the LVO or I'm going to be disappointed with you...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Lord my wife will kill me. Plus I will lose bad haha. And Frankie can get his revenge on the beating I gave him haha.

But i think I plan on getting in early Wednesday. Will see what deals I can scratch up to fly out.