Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Post - Gonna Try to Keep a Schedule

With sometime in the week a rules idea.  Like this week - I want to brainstorm some Inquisition ideas and if they would work with Kill Team etc.  It might work.  Just some thoughts.  But yeah - played in a 500 pt tournament today.  I did ok - just playing Orks.  Warboss in Mega Armor, Lootas, some boyz and some Grots.  It went ok but man Tau shoot a lot.  Plus I failed a lot of 2+ saves... Makes me think I should have just taken Mega Nobz but meh.  I couldn't find them hahaha.

Beyond that I am still thinking of my Las Vegas list.  I think I came up with it - just need to play test it to see if it feels right.  It has the right amount of nonsense in there I think - plus it doesn't look like other people's lists.  Good times indeed.  Before that - let's do a Paint list.

Logo for a Club - need to draw it - will be done before the weekend
Plastic Dudesmen - Epic 3 Parter is finished - now something different - maybe Nid one a fan sent in.
Art for another Logo thing - need to plan it out
Start my new idea for a comic - if it gets steam I will post it.
10 Flesh Hounds of Khorne - Need to build em
Finish up one unit of Daemonettes a some point

Old Skool LR - Need to fix up a bit, then paint it in an Inquisition style - should be fun.

1 Khorne Cannon - Primed and ready to paint - will start tonight
1 Unbuilt Cannon
1 Eldar Revenant

10 Pink Horrors
10 Objective thingies - are neat
Raptor - Building building it when he gets back from Vacation
Portalglyph - Need to build one

Sternguard X 10 - Specific Load out - should be fun - Flesh Tearer color
1 Drop Pod for said Stern Guard

Lich Lord guy
And lots of little dudes - Bane Knights etc
Then this lot is done!

Mike N
Dakka Jet
3 Mega Nobz from Kromlech
1 Ghazghul

I think this covers what I have commission wise left - Luis has tons more stuff so it is all good in da hood.  I wanted to write out the whole thing so I can see it better.  Plus it will give a list of when to finish things etc.

My birthday is this coming Monday.  I will be 36 years old!  Woohoo - will have a simple dinner with friends then going to a local arcade that has pinballs, byob, and games.  Fun times indeed and one of the cool things about Austin.  Plus no snow!

I played a game last Thursday with Be'Lakor.  That guy is good and should be in most Daemon lists if you haven't tried him yet.  I doubt most events will let us use them but still - he kicks ass and is an army multiplier.  The amount of random tricks you can pull is pretty sick with that guy.

Current LVO list

HQ: LoC, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift
HQ: Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Greater Gift, Lesser Gift, Locus of Wrath
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Exalted Gift, Lvl 3, Locus of Conjuration
Troops: Daemonettes X 20, Icon of Chaos
Troops: Daemonettes X 20, Icon of Chaos
Troops: Pink Horrors X 20
FA: Flesh Hounds of Khorne X 15
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent

It is fast - has a lot of threats, and should hopefully get there.  I can teleport the Grinders in if I need to make holes later on.  The Flamer is a big help and I see it being extremely useful in the Tau Match up as you try to get there.  It also helps keep your Grinders alive a bit longer.  If I was taking something to Adepticon I might try to add in one more Herald of Tzeentch or Juggernaut of Khorne guy.  It lets me do some funky charges as I try to get things to pop their overwatch.  It is some ideas.

I will start testing it this week as I get all the pieces to finish it.  My Grinders are going to look crazy most likely.

Alright - beyond this let's do some mini stuff and call it a night.

Baby Thirster want his Baby Ruth!

Random Guy Luis had sent to Me.


You got an Eyelash on your face - let me get it.

Doing a little dance!
More Propaganda for LVO!


Unknown said...

Congratulations Goatboy :-) (We share a birthday btw, I'm 3 years older ;-))

I like your current list.

Xaereth said...

Awesome man, look forward to seeing you at Vegas. I'm very interested to see how a place like Vegas will affect the GT.

Do you drink while you're playing and still "in it"? I normally don't, but Vegas may just force my hand...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It depends. I don't over think things so that helps. If I get too much then it doesn't help.

My wife will be there so that normally keeps me in check... but Reese wants me funny so will see.

Either way it should be fun - I expect Tau... lots of it.

Prometheus said...

Hi Goatboy, Happy Birthday from New Zealand!

I have noticed with your last couple posts you have been looking at having large amounts of Daemonettes, and I thought I could help you for your upcoming tournaments with sharing my experiences with using them.
I cannot advocate enough for massed units of Daemonettes, i live with a very competitive Tau player and a very competitive Eldar player and the ability to 'cage' in wave serpents and withstand broadside fire with Daemonette focused lists is very impressive.
My most recent incarnation of the List is as follows:

Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Locus of Wrath, Exalted Gift (Usually a Glyph)
Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Locus of Wrath, Lesser Gift (Axe of Khorne)
20 x Daemonettes, Alluress
20 x Daemonettes, Alluress
20 x Daemonettes, Instrument
20 x Daemonettes
-Fast Attack-
11 x Flesh Hounds
11 x Flesh Hounds
-Heavy Support-
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent
Soul Grinder of Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent
Skull Cannon of Khorne


A brief breakdown of the modus operandi of this list, the entire list is deployed on the table, no reserves, everything in my opponents face from the start, one herald attached to each dog squad, and both units scout forward (provided there are no Inquisitors stopping that). Everything in the list except the Skull Cannon moves forward as one massive wall, creating an overwhelming wave of fast deadly melee that chops up anything it catches, the Grinders and the Hounds should take the heat off of the Daemonettes while the list closes in, because they initially they seem to look far scarier than the hordes of low S & T models, and if the hounds or grinders arent killed, they form the first wave that pins vulnerable or priority units down while the Daemonettes complete their moves into the opponents lines next turn to grant a quick pinchy crab claw death.
Meanwhile the Skull Cannon has two jobs, primarily it sits back and rains S8 ignores cover large blasts onto the opponent to soften the more backfield targets up before the wave of death impacts, and as a secondary it attracts fire off of Daemonettes by being a massive pain in the butt for the opponent.
The Alluresses are to provide some protection if a 'punished by the gods' result turns up on the warp storm table, and the instrument is there to protect my Khorne units from Slaanesh's tickles.
Two units of 11 puppies allow for efficient flanking and it makes it harder to get rid of all of the hounds on the table in one turn.

- More in next comment -

Prometheus said...

- continued from previous comment -

The list does two drawbacks that come to mind immediately and those are: 1) The only real way to deal with filers is to ignore them and 2) early game this list will suffer to blast templates because of the gridlocked deployment of the Daemonettes.

In practice, I have used this list against a tough Eldau force and managed to catch and kill all of my opponents wave serpents, a mantled jetseer, cripple the unit of warp spiders, and cut down the wraithknight in his list but ultimatley only just lost due total VP's due to the Big Guns mission rules, but with the list it is the first time I have been able to catch and kill the Farseer (killed by the skull cannon), the wave serpents (caged and rended by D'ettes), and bring down the wraithknight (rended by D'ettes). My opponent had a very hard time deciding what to attack throughout the first two turns, and ended up destroying most of the hounds (heralds were still alive though) and both Grinders, but neglected to really do any damage to the Daemonettes (just as planned) which by turn three a good 65+ Daemonettes were well and truly in his deployment zone. During the game the skull cannon had a nice useful ability to stun or shake lock the wave serpents due to S8 and ignores cover, providing much needed advancing protection to the army and was popped in turn four by melta guns on deepstriking Farsight crisis suits.

One change that I would be interested in trying would be swapping the puppies for two units of 7 or so screamers and the Khorne heralds for Tzeentch Heralds on discs attached to the screamers. Either way the hounds+heralds operated as a beautiful compliment to the Daemonettes and to me they are an important gear brutally well oiled machine and I really enjoyed playing this version of the Daemonette spam list.

I hope that my wall of text here has been helpful or insightful, i really like your blog and i'm always keen to hear about your views on the hobby and your newest projects.



Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Love the list. The big issue is painting more Daemonettes. hahahaha.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, dude!

Are those Robot Spyder Warmathings big enough to be some allied Chaos (Necron) Acanthrites?

Got some ideas in my head..

BTW, got my Vegas ticket the other day. Fun times!