Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goatboy's Sunday - Woohoo

Man - got a lot of crap done this weekend.  I am getting ready or the LVO event - and of course I want to play a horde of daemon thingies.  I just don't like my life too much eh?  Hahaha.  Oh well - let's get the paint list and then some thoughts.

Plastic Dudesmen - Started it - had to do a filler of sorts this past week but will get this one done.
20 DE/Daemonettes - Done!
20 Daemonettes - Done!
20 More Daemonettes - 10 Done - pics when unit is done.
Soul Grinder X 2 - Not even built?!?!
Article - Written - it is about the new Nid Dataslate.
Art for a Tournament

Warcaster - Done!
Warjack - Done!
22 Smaller Lady things - Not done!  Need to fix horns...
But this is the last of it - trying to finish before I leave for Vegas.

UM order - 10 Tacticals and 10 Assault guys - waiting on shoulder pads
Random Librarian - Done!

Will Whit
Lots of CSM stuff - box is in

10 Horrors - Primed
10 More Horrors - in a box
A bunch of objectives - cleaned need to prime
Lots of other random stuff I just got in
Fire Raptor - Waiting to get finished building

Revenant... damnit...

I think that is it.  Played a game on Saturday.  I played the following list.

Keeper of Secrets, Exalted Gift, Greater, Lvl 3
Keeper of Secrets, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3
Daemonettes X 20
Daemonettes X 20
Daemonettes X 20
DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2
DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2

Warlord Keeper
Gifts - Portal, +1 Wound/IWND
Warlord Trait - Reroll Warpstorm
Spells - Psychic Scream, Invisibility, Hallucinate

Keeper 2
Gifts - 4+ FNP, Reroll Inv
Spells - Psychic Scream, Invisibility, Hallucinate

DP 1
Gifts - Dildo Cannon (Lash of Submission), 4+ FNP
Spells - Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Life Leach

DP 2
Gifts - Dildo Cannon, +1 Wound/IWND
Spells - Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Smite

I played against a Marine army using the Codex: Iron Hands supplement.  He had an off the chain lord on a bike, Librarian with the power fist staff, Rune Priest plus Grey Hunters in a pod, 2 Drop pods one with Stern Guard plus Libbie with Grav and Melta, one with Tactical guys, 2 squad of full bikes with Gravs/MM Attack bike, plus some devs with missiles.

Mission was Big Guns never Tire plus Emperor's Will.  We said only Heavy can score Big Guns Objectives.

First Turn
Marine player went first, moved up.  He killed one DP right away with the drop pod Stern guards but had some bad luck with the Beam from outer space scattering onto the Stern Guard.  Still he got first blood and I lost a super DP.  Rune Priest landed in the middle.  His Chapter Master broke off and was on a hill ready to pounce on me.  Bikers shot some Daemonettes up and really I only lost that 330 point Daemon Prince.  Sad panda pants.

My turn, I tried to cast some spells and only got one Invisibility thru on a unit of unhurt Daemonettes.  Those Daemonettes would get mixed up with the lord and take him out due to being invisible in 3 turns of combat.  Everything else moved up and I rolled an 11 on the Warprstorm.  His Libbie with the power fist staff ate it and I prepared to assault as much as I could.  Daemonettes got into his Rune Priest and his Chapter master ate 1 wound this phase.  I dropped the portal and spat out 4 dudes.  I killed some Grey Hunters with a vector strike by the surviving DP and then shot dildos all over the Devs and killed 2.

Score 1-0 Opponent due to First Blood

2nd Turn
Marine player moved up and shot some Daemonettes.  I killed more Grey Hunters with my rending sexy claws and the Chapter Master took another 2 wounds.  He did get one back though like a boss.  My Second DP died to shooting from a bike squad and Devs :(.  Still my two Keepers were moving strong.

My turn I only got Invisibility off on the one unit locked with the Chapter Master.  This let me do some more wounds and keep that jerk busy. But I killed him in Assault so it didn't matter too much.  I got an assault with the good Keeper into a bike squad as well and stayed locked in after punting 2 guys.  I locked in another troop choice too and killed the Rune Priest.

Score 1-0 plus I still had 4 troops left and the opponent was sitting at 3 Left but all but one was locked up with big Monsters coming.

3rd Turn
Marine player was looking at the table top.  There was no way for a bike unit to leave and I had enough to catch him.  Plus without the Rune priest I now was going to be invisible all over the place. I was going to get close to tabling this next turn as everyone was locked up and I was going to start casting all kinds of crazy spells each and every turn.

Game win to me.  I can see this list doing ok and I have to ask myself if it is worth it to bring to Vegas.  I want to win but... enh I still want to have fun.  Blargh.

New lists

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Exalted Gift, Greater Gift, Level 3
HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Greater Gift X 2,
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Heavy: Daemon Prince, Wings, Armor, MoS, Greater Gifts X 2, Lvl 3
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent


This seems fun to me.  I have a 1500 local event before Vegas.  No Comp from what I am told but they asked me not to play Screamer Star.  Looking at this.

Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Lesser Gift
Daemonettes X 20
Daemonettes X 20
Daemonettes X 20
Flesh Hounds of Khorne X 10
Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent
Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent

Simple and Basic - it might work.  Plus it doesn't seem like a complete dickhead list.  Yay!

Oh yeah... Nid Cards for the new book are coming.  I just haven't had time to bust out Photoshop to get them done.  I have been working on other things.  So if you want those cards email me.

Um - let's see some models to check out.

Last Cannon... woohoo.

My customer Cypher.  I had the post idea for awhile - finally got around to building and painting him

Woot - Cryx is getting done dammit!
He is trying to shake your hand.
Red evil Wyches of Slaanesh

Blue Daemonettes - other unit is red with gold armor and blue hair.  I like to make all my units look different so I can tell what unit is what etc.  50 done so far.

Random Libbie.

That is it for now - really I have to decide if I want to paint Grinders.  I have some - but they are old and look bad.  Meh.

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