Sunday, June 7, 2015

Goatboy's Hobby/Event/Nonsense

Been a long week.  Boy has been teething and he is lucky he looks cute haha.  I got in a tournament before the Wife goes out of town for another get away weekend.  She is going to go gambling so wish her luck haha.  I am just glad I am able to watch the boy so she can get a much needed break.  It gets rough cuz babies really eat up a lot of everything with the mom involved.  I am just glad he is healthy, I can watch him, and that it isn't going to destroy my mind too much.

Miniature Paint list
Ad Mech build and paint - 2 boxes of Destroyers and 2 Dominus
BOLS article
Art to do for multiple people

Spartan Tank

5 Terminators - Primed
Spartan Tank - not built
5 More Terminators need to build

Cryx Stuff

More Flesh tearers stuff and Marine stuff once new book gives me the info on what I need to build and update.

Maybe some upcoming Chaos Space Marine stuff and maybe some Fantasy stuff too.  But man those rumors look rough.

SATX Tournament Speedy Breakdown.

Played the following list

Knight CAD
Crusader, Battle Cannon, Banner thingie
Knight Warden
Knight Warden

SW - Champs of Fenris Detachment
WGBL, PF, SS, Thunderwolf, Runic
WGBL, PF, SS, Thunderwolf, Runic
Iron Priest, Thunderwolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Iron Priest, Thunderwolf, Cyber Wolves X 4

Objective Secured Knights are pretty strong.  They stop a lot of people's idea on winning games Versus knights - take objectives and hope you survive the stomp etc.  They stole objectives, kept people from contesting with all these decurions, and were just a pain.

The Knight Crusader was amazing and has continued to show how strong this jerk is.  He killed so many bits of opponents armies that it really was the lynchpin of all 4 games I have played with it.  It makes me think I might need to do 2 with the list - but will see.  It might be worth it to do 1 and then the 2 wardens get Missile Launchers on top.

The Space wolf add on was not worth it.  I am waiting to see what Marines give me as Drop pod Cents might be good or I could just look at Admech.  The Temptation to do 3 Sources with Flesh Tearers detachment to get some Drop pods for my ad mech guys.  Its a thought.

Game 1 - Vs Matt and a basic Chaos list.
This was a mismatch as my army was just very rough for his.  He had some Chaos stuff, Daemon Prince, Plague Marines and a cultists.  One knight did eat it when a Chainfist got him in the butt from some Terminators.  He did end up stomping them out with a 6 as he fell down.  I killed everything by turn 3 or 4.  Matt took it in stride though and I just feel bad when the game is so one sided.

Game 2 - John Wayne - local kiddo who has a cool Dad I am buddies with as well.  He was playing Decurion Necrons with a crazy Lychguard star.
I made a mistake and killed too many lychguard with shooting to not get all my knights in charge of the star when it got over.  I got lucky, survived a bad round of combat and then grinded them down with the Wolf Star.  The Storm Shield was lucky.  Obyron did kick the crap out of my warlord titan cuz he doesn't have a D weapon and that jerk made all his Reanimation protocol rolls and then just cut him to pieces.  Still won this game with all the points.

Game 3 - Local buddy Chris with Wraith Host Eldar.  1 D Scythe, 2 Wraith Guard, Wraithlord, and Wraith Knight.  He had an aspect host with Spyders and 2 Dark Reapers.  I killed one set of Dark Reapers real quick and the other set didn't do jack the entire game by never rolling a 5+ on their pen chart.  The Wraith Knight did some work and if the game went to turn 6 I would have won.  But it ended up 5 with 2 knights about to get to an objective.  Funny thing one knight exploded to some D shooting and then scatter towards the jerks 12 inches.  It killed some.  The game was left with a Wraith Knight and a Wraithlord that survived my dakka.  My guns failed me turn 5 but that is ok.

Overall I did ok and my buddy Chris let me get in on some of his credit to get another Ad Mech leader guy.  Woot - that gives me 2 and enough to get an Ad Mech group started.

Current list idea.

Knight Crusader, Battle Cannon, Storm Spear Missile Launcher, Banner
Knight Warden, Storm Spear Missile Launcher
Knight Warden, Storm Spear Missile Launcher

Ad Mech
Kataphran Destroyers X 3, Grav Cannon X 3
Kataphran Destroyers X 3, Grav Cannon X 3

I have all of this and will get it built and tested soon.  It sounds alright for 2 sources but if we do 3 it might be worth it to drop all the rockets, one Dominus and get drop pods for all the Destroyers.

Knight Crusader, Battle Cannon, Banner
Knight Warden
Knight Warden

Flesh Tearers Force
Scout Squad X 5
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Kataphran Destroyers X 3, Grav Cannon X 3
Kataphran Destroyers X 3, Grav Cannon X 3

This might be the better list etc.  But so many Cads and Detachments makes me feel... meh.

Models and some art to check out.


Michele Portioli said...

Dear Goatboy, when you wrote the article on Bols against Eldars I was so disappointed. I really hoped that you would not have joined the crying army of the haters. But then I thought that you where sincere and concerned about the "balance" of the game, and that you would prefer having a good balanced game than winning at all cost. Then today I have seen this list and my disappointment doubled. You play Imperial Knights. I K are impossible to play against, with many factions. As you have clearly discovered in your 1st (and second?) game. The only game you have lost was against an army specifically designed to kill big not-invisible stuff, and only because he was lucky not to go on turn 6. I think you have become a waac. Think about it.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The game has become very paper rock scissors. Most of the top armies can easily deal with Knights. Heck if you are planning on trying to win any event then you will be playing with or against tough lists. There is no Waac, fluff, etc there are just players. I write lists to be competitive but normally I'll play nice locally cuz going full tilt every game isn't that fun.

I don't like the eldar because they remove a lot of player interaction with either superior fire power plus range or just the factor of oops I rolled a 6 so you cool unit is dead no way to respond. Most local eldar players find it hard to get games with strong armies because people want to play with an opponent not just watch as an opponent kills all your stuff. Forcing saving throws on an opponent isn't playing the game. The game has both sides losing stuff to make it exciting.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Dear Goatboy,

I am not just a coold Dad, I'm a cool Mom, too. Loves and Kisses.