Thursday, June 25, 2015

I survived Wargames Con

That's what kept me from posting an update this past weekend. So today I try to remedy that haha.  I got my ATC list - but no chatter yet on it cuz it has to be a secret or Nick gets mad at me haha.

Wargames Con - went 3-1-1 and lost to Crons pretty bad.  It made up for the beating I put on a Crons player round 3 - sorry Aaron that my army just went off like a jerk.

Army I played


2 Big Gun Knights with Rockets

Chaplain, Bike
Ravenwing Command, Apoc, Grenade, Banner

WGBL with all the toys
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4

Basic memory of games

Rd 1 - Some objectives all over the place - Played Vince who is friend with some El Paso peoples I like.  He was the guy who got Top 8 at LVO with the Brass Scorpion.  Rough as hell list.  I ended up just having 2 Knights left.  Basically a strong Summon center using Grim Scorpion.  I won this one due to the dice just wanting me to win.  I knocked off 2 Hull Points of the Scorpion through a 2+ inv save in one turn.  Yeah Math!  Awesome game and a good start to the weekend.

Rd 2 - Aaron with Null Deploy style Crons - Wraithstar, some stuff, Destroyer Cult.  Aaron put just the star and some Warriors hiding.  He busted his solar staff one turn and the next I was able to kill off the Entire Wraith Star thru grenade, guns, and a massive assault.  It was kind of nutty how much damage I put out.  Learned the the Wraiths only get to reroll save if they have RP up.  Woot big win for me here.  There were no metallic dead left.

Rd 3 - Carter - knows a lot of the Mississippi guys.  Playing Dark Eldar with Eldar. Venom spam.  It was the Relic so he had to come up and I just started opening up Venoms.  Things I learned at this one - Fire Dragons will kill a knight with one round of shooting.  Let alone if I even charge them.  Good sport and good game.  I ended up drawing on his Table War case as it had the flat side.

Off to a 3-0 record with an army I just threw together.  The dream ran off the rails the next 2 rounds though.

Rd 4 - Local Matt - CC Nids.  With my knights being objective secured this game was not going to be a cake walk.  We've run through the scenarios if I run Obj Sec knights and I just end up winning.  Swarm, 2 Malanthropes, Tervigon, Endless Swarm guys, Trygon, and that FW super Big Assault guy.  He generates 2 table edges so it can be a pain for an army without massed Obj secured guys that are hard to kill.  I ended up winning Primary he got Secondary and we both got the same Tertiary.  True draw.  Wasn't very fun for him - which I understand as he couldn't kill my knights. I killed his one chance with the FW assault guy through not a ton of firepower and 3+ cover save. Mo Dakka!

Rd 5 - John from El Paso with his Crons.  I had some hot rolls and this was the end of that as John killed Knights through massed 6 Gauss and positioning.  He couldn't remove the Death Star but man those knights went down so fast without doing much of anything.  I took off some Hull Points and killed some guys.  Rough as hell and a good butt whippin I deserved.

I went 3-1-1 and got 2nd best appearance!  Frigging cool I got that and didn't expect it at all.  Reese and them show that they just know how to run events smoothly and professionally.  I really appreciate the chance to get to play and have a good weekend for Father's day.

Enough of that - let's look at my paint list and then some models.

Paint this cool as hell Thunder Wolf Werewolf thingie built by my buddy Delgado.  I get to see him at ATC woot!
BoLS quick DA review
BoLS random review on something neat.
Work on parts of the ATC army as I will borrow some things
Art for The Long War
Art for another commission -
Probably more art.

Build and Paint the Spartan Assault Tank - finishes the commission

Chaos Space Marine order

Drop Pods - need to build 2 more
Command Squad on Bikes for regular Marines - need to build some more

More Cryx cuz he hates me

Space Hulk woot!

I am sure some other stuff I am forgetting.  I always get sleepy after vomiting out a ton of random 40k nonsense.

I have some other stuff that will be set up too.  Looks like a ton of bikers.

Models and arts

Termies done!


Fixed it had to do some crazy missile stuff.

You like some Plasma with your soup?

So Old!!

Nick used these as Ironclad Dreadnoughts

Dragonball Reese vs DragonBallz Frankie!


Ross Leach said...

Thanks for the write up man, sounds like you had a blast! Can you remember what else was in the brass scorpion list? Been thinking of getting one myself so it'd be good to know how the decent players are running it.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It was something like
Brass Scorp
Lvl 1 CSM Sorc
2 Vindicators - one with the malefic upgrade from FW to let you reroll malefic rolls etc
Aegis Defense line
Daemon Ally
3 or 4 Heralds of Tzeentch
2 Units of Pink horrors

I think that is the basic makeup. Basically get cursed earth and grim and have a 2+ save Brass Scorp.

Ross Leach said...

Yeh that's pretty much what I expected, seems pretty cool!

thealberts said...

I had a great time playing you Thomas. Don't worry about being a jerk...much. I made a big mistake not putting my Spyder out of LOS in those ruins. Could have saved my toucas. Had a blast playing you! Hope to see you again soon.