Sunday, August 23, 2015

Goatboy's Sunday Post - Funtimes in Da Hoods of Round Rock

Woot - an earlier post yay!  Plus a ton of work to show yay!  You got to love that.  Lets go into the paint list - then a small battle report etc.

Paint List/Art List
Finish off GK Purifier Squad #1 - halfway done with pics below - priming tonight
Might steal an idea to use the portals from AoS as my GK Drop pods - it sounds cool and would look neat.  Size wise they fit.  If not I should find some kind of portal thingie.
Finish off 5 AoS Khorne Guys to use as advertising at local shop for painting - Been wanting to paint them cuz they look cool etc.
Rogue Inq Drawing for Norm
Wesley Art X 2
Plus some more that are getting talked to me or I forgot.

Build those Drop pods

Finish Heldrake this week before I go on small Anniversary trip
6 Bikers after that

Lots of Chaos Stuff

Tim V
More Marine stuff - 2 More speeders, 3 pods

Don S
More stuff from other companies but they ain't in metal so yay!

More Marines

Nick R
More Marines

Might get some other stuff like some Batman miniatures and a Dark Angels order too.  I just will never stop painting marines.  I think another client wants some Drop Pods too. This never ends for me does it?

So yeah lots of stuff.  I actually got a game in yesterday with Nick Rose.  He is playing at Nova so he wanted to test out a mission.  I brought this pile of dumb to test out.  It worked ok with some tweaks it might actually work pretty well.

DA Cad, SW Champs of Fenris, Clan Raccoon Ally

HQ: Sammie (warlord)
HQ: Chaplain, Bike
Elites: Ravenwing Command squad X 6, Banner, Healer Dude
Troops: Scouts X 5, Combi-Grav
Troops: Scouts X 5, Combi-Grav
FA: Darkshroud

Champs of Fenris
HQ: WGBL, Thunder, Runic, PF, SS
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber Wolves X 4

Clan Raccoon
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Gorgon's Chain, PF, Art Armor
Elites: Command Squad, Bikes, Healer Dude, SS X 4, Grav Gun X 4, Meltabombs x 4
Troops: Scouts X 5, Combi-grav

Things I learned - I am good at rolling 1's in the beginning haha.  I also learned Skill Rider passes to the squad.  I also learned that lots of special characters are super sweet.  Sammie is good - but man being Str 4 with that cool sword sucks.  It also sucks if you get hit by 2 Dread Knights.  Charging two Knights with a ton of guns sucks too.

I didn't win but my plan was just to see how the army worked.  The guns were not worth it on the Command Squad.  I am sure there will be a time when I would want them - but they just didn't help out.  I also think there was a lot of placement mistakes on the units and how I had some "extra" wounds not hidden enough to allow for the better saves to be in front.  The Chapter Master is a pain but I wonder if just having a Captain will work as he will never be low enough to loose to much with the Chain.  Plus I think I only need a few shields in the command squad and maybe less stuff.  It is a thought and I have other versions that fit in a Cent squad and less duplicates to try and fit within a Highlander set up.  Trying to think of something that is fully Highlander and still good.  Look at this idea.

DA/SW/CR again
HQ: Sammie
Elites: Ravenguard command Squad X 6, Banner, Healer Dude
Troops: Scouts X 5
Troops: Tactical squad X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
FA: Dark Shroud

HQ: Champs of Fenris
HQ: Harald
HQ: WGBL, Thunder, PF, SS, Fellclaws Teeth, Runic Armor
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder
Elites: Wolf Scouts X 5

HQ: Captain, Bike, Art Armor, PF, Gorgon's Chain
Troops: Scouts X 5, Combi-Grav
FA: Drop Pod
Heavy: Centurion Devastators X 3, Grav X 3

That looks pretty beefy too.  I don't have much extra wounds in the star but it is all Highlander and everyone is diff haha.  Plus it looks all over the place.  I could go with a Grav Command Squad that will get 4+ FNP and 2-3+ cover saves if the Shroud is close enough.  I kinda like the Raven Wing command squad more but it is a thought.

I am waiting to see what Da Boyz will be wanting as I have that army pretty much painted beyond finding a Sammie replacement and most likely figuring out a cooler way to do fallen Dark Angels etc.

Now onto some models and calling it a day as I find some lunch.

Test Purifier

Libbie #1 - holy crap did that come out of my nose?

Combat Squad 1 done - aka the Burinators of Burntown

Libby two - the head is actually me haha.

Possessed batch 1.

Daemon prince 1


Shotgun scouts aka Kimbo Slice Scouts

Combi weapons!!!

More combi weapons!

I can heal you.

Missiles for Christmas!!!
Sister of the Dead!


jeff said...

how long did it take you to do all of that...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Usually I paint in 2-3 he blocks. From there I'll get a few things done usually a squad etc. it depends on if it's a scheme I've done before and the type of model. Last night I got most of a heldrake done and a speeder like one above in about 3.5 hrs.

RatGod said...

Question about lists, so from your experience you dont think that in those bike lists you need Culexus or something for anti air?