Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lists, Lists, and more Lists - Thoughts and current testing things

Hopefully I get time to test some more in the coming weeks.  I will miss a SATX event due to wedding anniversary.  No way I can test the waters with - babe I know its been a year with the new baby, life changes, etc - but I want to throw dice on our wedding anniversary.  We get one every year so its cool I can miss one right?  Right?  MY PLASTIC DUDESMEN NOOOO!!!!

Paint List

Do GK test for army down below.
Art for Whitemetal Miniatures
Art for Luis - test down below - 3 Legged Squigg
Art for LVO Warmachine stuff - got it inked have to do the guitar up better
Maybe more art for other stuff too - lots of art it seems.
Heck might have to build some more Drop Pods for a client - will see

Build drop Pods

James L
More Chaos stuff - initial 5 Possessed should be done by the end of the weekend

More Marines!

More Marines

Nick R
GK or DA - will see what it ends up being

Don S
Some Cool Mini or Not stuff

More Chaos - a Heldrake to knock out by end of the month.

I am sure I am missing some stuff - will see.  It never fails I forget something and just machine through it.  Been wanting to write this blog post for the last few days - but work/life/other work has gotten in the way.  If you haven't figured out - I seem to like to stay busy.

Ok - some army lists I talked about.  A few I am going to play - others I am building.  It seems it is time to change up my play style a bit to get better so thus the non death star like stuff.

Army list thoughts - all different kinds etc.

Right now I am on a GK kick - thinking there is some merit to a ton of nova's, cover ignoring, etc mixed with a large amount of WC dice.

I showed the initial thought build on BOLS but here is the "new" one.

GK - Nemesis Strike Force
HQ: GK Libbie, Lvl 3
HQ: GK Libbie, Lvl 3
Elite: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Elite: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Elite: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Troops: Strike Force X 5
Heavy: Dreadknight, Hvy Incinerator
Heavy: Dreadknight, Hvy Incinerator, Psilencer

BA - Flesh Tearers
HQ: Libbie, Lvl 2
Troops: Scouts X 5
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod

I feel a little bit enh with the lack of Melta in this.  Originally I had 3 Melta units with 2 Assault squads and one Tact squad.  That might actually be better with no Dreadknights.  It does make me wonder if I should find a way to fit in an Culexius Assassin but I can throw 8+ Psyk out grenades on a Psychic death star to kill out all the casters.  With ITC allowing me to hit Invis stuff with blasts - I can do a lot of damage and remove their special casters - or farseers etc.

It seems like a decent list and again I could look at just having one Dreadknight and then find a way to get a Tri Melta Assault squad from BA - it would give me 6 Pods which could be handy to help keep purifiers out of attention from another Pod Army.  I would also love to play with Mephiston as another way to kick a knight in the dingus so there is always that.

Next rando list I want to play - hopefully in a week or so or at a small event - it won't win a big one unless I get crazy lucky.

Imperial Knights/SM/Inq

Trip Lance
Warden, Ironstorm Missile Pod
Gallant, Ironstorm Missile Pod
Crusader, Battle Cannon

Dark Angel Librarian Conclave
Libbie, Bike, Lvl 2, Shroud of Heroes
Libbie, Lvl 2
Libbie, Lvl 2

Inq, Servo Skulls X 3
Henchmen, 4 Crusaders, 1 Psyker

Yeah it is dumb looking - small but maybe it will do some damage.  The plan is to Invisible the big unit and just - do bad stuff to people.  The one Libbie with Shroud is to go out and hold and objective if needed.  If you roll Invis early and then have the one try for Precog it could be fun with a Reroll 2+ shroud save.  The Ironstorm Missile Pods are there to cover more enemy troops with large blasts all over the place.  It will end up shooting a lot and might survive.  I would play it in an 3 round event or maybe an event I want to drink more at.

Here is a Dual Death Star list that is very very close to being Highlander.  This version isn't but it can be easily made if you wanted too.  You lose some doggies but add in some other characters to get more smashy smash.

DA CAD, SW Champs of Fenris Detachment, SM Clan Raccoon Ally

HQ: Chaplain, Bike
Elites: Ravenwing Command Squad X 5, Apocathery
Troops: Scouts X 5
Troops: Scouts X 5
FA: Dark Shroud

SW Champs
HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, Pfist, SS, Runic
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder, Doggies x 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder, Doggies x 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder ,Doggies X 3

SM Clan Raccoon
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Chain, Art Armor, PF
Elite: Command Squad, Bikes, Grav Gun X 4, SS X 3, Apoc
Troops: Scout Squad

You have 2 Death Stars - both are tough to remove and shoot ok.  You are weak at popping Knights beyond the hope that Str 10 (not 9 you ninnies!) crushes them before they stomp all over your dinguses.  It seems all over the place so that is why It will probably work ok.  And it has some Obj Secured.  Not at terrible list and would be something I would work on if it wasn't for that GK nonsense.

Models and art.
More Cryx - figured a better way to build with Greenstuff.

Woot we are in plastic so Goatboy stops crying.
New Chaos Commission

Rando D&D local commission

Space Hulk is Done!

Some Dark Angels for a buddy who is now switching to GK - dammit.

Gonna tweak this one up but liked how the art is diff then I normally do.

Banners for Frontline.

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no_wegian said...

With your Grey Knight list, what is it that allows your BA contingent only take 1 HQ, 1 Troop, and 5 Drop Pods?