Monday, November 2, 2015

Goatboy's Weekly Thing

Woohoo - I am back.  I actually got some games in with the BA/GK thing and I am finding the game a lot more fun.  It is neat going away from death star nonsense and just trying out something different.  Plus if it goes off it can burn a lot of things to the ground.  Woot...

I'll post the list at the end.  Let's see - paint list

Bols Article - done!
Most of the Art is done!
I might have other art but I am done with my stuff for a bit
Food hammer model done!

Chaos Tank, Heralds and other stuff

More Necromunda stuff and some DA stuff

Lots of Black Knights to do - 4 boxes - one conversion into a chaplain

Some random stuff to do

Space marine bikers

Nick R
Marine stuff

Single model conversion - need to grab the final part

I am sure some other stuff.

Anyway the GK/BA list - most likely doing the GK as the warlord as I expect less GK armies at LVO.

GK - Nemesis Strike Force
Libbie, Lvl 3
Libbie, Lvl 3
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemon Hammer
Strike Squad X 5

BA Flesh Tearers
Libbie, Lvl 2
Tactical Squad X 5, Meltagun, Combi Melta, Drop Pod
Assault Squad X 5, Meltagun X 2, Combi Melta, Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Meph is there to go after Wraith Knights and Imperial knights.  The way the army tries to work is get a few cleansing flames off, run with the Purifiers and burn everything.  Things I have learned from this is that I need to look at what I am trying to do and go hammer hand and force for certain things, save more for force in case of other random stuff, go for Misfortune and knock things down.  Lots of stuff.

Normally I roll the follow

BA Libbie - 2 Rolls on Divination
Meph Rolls 1 Roll Biomancy, Default BA power
GK Libbie - 3 Rolls on Divination
GK Libbie - if I have 2 Misfortunes I roll on Sanctic and go for Gate

I had to get 6 pods in there to let me not drop my Purifiers first turn if I don't have too.  It plays odd - doesn't care about set up, and can do a lot of damage to other things.  It plays fun and doesn't do the normal things.  It is funny it is very anti psyker due to all the psyk out grenades I can throw on units without having to waste 140 pts on an Assassin.  Weird stuff - and it is all painted now.  It is one of the first armies I just painted the army - nothing extra.

Let's see some paint stuff and a bit of art.

SW guy for Food Hammer

My evil Sammie for my Evil DA marines.

Final Drop Pod for me!

2 Sets of Purifiers!

Final pod for Luis!

This finishes off all of the Dark Angels for this commission!

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