Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday's Thoughts and Tests

I got some good testing with the BA/GK list.  One game showed some weaknesses to a Void Shield - but I had some answers too it.  It also showed me some weaknesses to specific Necron builds - which makes me change up how the list works etc.  Overall not terrible and good thoughts nonetheless.  Will break it down after the paint list.

Bols Article - Written
Frontline Necron Stuff - All written too
Another Libbie with Force Axe - need to prime
Test Corsair for me - need to prime

John S
11 Black Knights - first 2 are waiting to get primed

Nick R
5 more bikers ready to prime
Building some Tau most likely

Don S
Some other minis

Random Dark Angels and other stuff - the never ending paint job haha.

More Bikes

Yeah lots of bikes in this lot of stuff to do.  I guess they might be good?  Hahaha.  Ok onto the new testing BA/GK list.

Tactical X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod, Melta-Bomb
Tactical X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod, Melta-Bomb
Tactical X 5, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod, Melta-Bomb
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Grey Knight Nemesis
Librarian, Lvl 3, The Book thingie, Falchions
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Strikes X 5

Librarian Council
Librarian, Lvl 2, Meltabomb
Librarian, Lvl 2, Force Axe, Meltabomb

I can hit with all my warp charge dice turn one if I need too.  It seems a bit more janky but that is what I expect with a non death star nonsense list.  Got a new death star but I won't be looking at that. Will see.

First game was versus Orks - took a few turns, finally got close - then was able to get a hole into the set up with the void shield and burn all the Orks up.  The 2 Novas killed almost 2 Loota squads and part of a 30 man blob - then of course the run move incinerators killed everything else.  Without the Void Shield I would have killed the Orks so quickly.

Played 2 quick test games versus Necrons - Ben Mohile is the master at them and I figured out what I need to do.  Versus Wraith Spam I can just do novas, force, and hammer hand etc.  Versus Destroyer Cult I need to push for shrouding off of the Council and try to keep my butt protected.

The new set up has the Librarian roll all his powers on Santic.  He gets 4 powers due to the book so I could just roll all of them at once and see if I get cleansing flame.  I also get to Reroll ones on Santic Powers and can hopefully help my Purifiers get the casting done right.  Good times.  Force and Hammer hand will be a big bonus as well as Meph getting involved a Str 10 with force up.  The meltabombs are there to give me some help versus all the Rhinos and other things that might need a charge and explode action done.  This is the next list to test out.

Ok - enough list chatter - lets get to some models and a single piece of art.

Admech Conversion - fun guy to make.

My Council - the 3 Brothers - the Oldest in the Middle, The Judge on the left and the Executioner on the Right.

First of the Black Knight commission.

Random stuff as usual!

More half and half zoom zooms.


DarthDiggler said...

I really like the BA/GK list. You should try it against a heavy bike list and a Daemon flying circus list. I wonder is the bikes won't just play keep away and if one Gate is enough to track them down again. I really like the list, though I would dread having to paint up 6 drop pods.

Andrew Oakham said...

How does it compete with Death Stars?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It hits the flyers in the area due to how Novas work now. So flyers are not nearly an issue. Plus it has a lot of objective secured so it is hard to take things away from me etc.

I've painted something like 15 drop pods during that time I was painting mine haha - clients want some too - they wanted theirs to open - mine are staying shut heh.

You can put a lot of wounds on stars - and it is very anti psyker - throws like 6 psyk out grenades onto a unit. I usually play ITC - so I can hit invisible as well as have a lot of dice to throw at stopping it. After that it is just a wound game as I throw out a ton of either instant death wounds or other things as I try to chew through them etc.

Steve Turner said...

That picture reminds me of Enter the Dragon !!!