Friday, January 1, 2016

My Week Break is almost over

I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted - fixed some Frontline Articles, painted a few things. wrote up some BOLS stuff, and even almost finished Jessica Jones.  So not a terrible week.  I checked out what I need to do work wise on Monday at the real life job and it will be a long one.  Hooray!

So anyway onto stuff.  I got some things in the works as I try to figure out my LVO list.  I am playing an ITC event at the Lair on Sunday.  Wife said I could go and I even painted the HQ character for it.  It was a sweet conversion and I wanted to paint it as soon as I finished building it.  Pics to come in a few paragraphs.

Man I did this post out of order haha - lets do a paint list.

Depending on how the event goes - might be some bikes to add to the other bikes I have to do.
BOLS article for the next week
Art for a banner
Maybe some pages of a comic book thingie
Who knows what else - might start figuring out a Horus Heresy army

Open box pull out minis from different game

9 More bikers to finish his initial order and then see what he wants from there.

Reprised bikers when the weather isn't weird - last time it powdered - tested the primer again and it went on fine - had to scrub these models to get new primer on - so here is hoping on Monday as the rain is coming.

Iron Hand guys - have to build a unit of 5 - figure out some sarges and special characters
Pull out some others to do too.

Hopefully next year will be good with work and projects.  Currently the normal job is doing alright - just busy as hell.  It should mean a good raise and promotion stuff so the constant need to hustle up side work might not be needed.  Just means I can pick and choose work a bit more and maybe save the cash from the plastic crack creation.

Kid is doing good - he is full on walking like a drunk little baby - yelling at things, chasing the cat, and just becoming that annoying boy we all knew he would be.  He has gotten big and it is funny as he talks a ton to you with the same "language".  I will say becoming a parent is one of the greatest things in the world - no matter how much sleep you lose haha.

Alright - army lists.

This is what I am looking at playing for the Lair event and Maybe LVO - tweaks shown at the end

White Scars CAD
Techmarine, Bike, Hunters Eye, Conversion Beamer, Meltabomb
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Meltagun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Meltagun X 2

Knight Formation: Baronial Court
Knight Warden, Stormspear Rocket - Baron
Knight Warden, Stormspear Rocket
Knight Crusader, Battle Cannon Upgrade, Stormspear Rocket

Idea is to use the Barrage Rockets to try to pinpoint out certain things - heavy weapons, dreams, etc.  The range is huge so I can just play a bit timidly - plus I have 5 Obj Secured bikers to run around.  The Hunter's Eye Conversion Beamer is just for me to try out as a long range, Str 10, Ap 1 blast that ignores cover seems pretty decent.  Plus it has no Psychics - as I haven't had luck with damned Mind powers even with the new GK/BA set up.  Annoying as hell.

The other idea was to pull in Gerantius guy - and see how a 2+ Front Ion shield plays out.  I don't like his lack of weapon upgrades but heck - at 500 points he is just way to expensive.  Will see - the other thought is to just say screw it and go with 3 CCW Knights and rush in.

Techmarine, Bike, Hunters Eye, Conversion Beamer, Meltabomb
Techmarine, Bike, Conversion Beamer, Meltabomb
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Grav Gun X 2
Bike Squad X 3, Meltagun X 2, Attack Bike, MM
Bike Squad X 3, Meltagun X 2, Attack Bike, MM

Gallant Lance
Knight Gallant, Stormspear
Knight Gallant, Stormspear
Knight Gallant, Stormspear

It just seems fun - you go hard, fast and get involved.  Might be better to do it as a Baronial Court to get some +3 Ion Shield love.  Its an idea.  I think I just like building the Conversion beamer Biker hehe.

Heck I thought about this just Pure Dakka set using the first Bike set up with 2 Crusaders - one with Meltacannon and then one Baron as a Warden with a Storm Spear rocket.  Will see how well the Storm Spears do.  I still want the creepy knight from FW.  Will see.

Anyway - enough of that how about some painting.

Really happy with this Conversion.  Its part Kataphron stuff plus some other random bits.  Woot - he is ready to go!  I am starting to go much more shell shaded with my painting so the breaks between shades are harsh.  It pops on the table top.

Finishes off the Assassins.

Woot - first 5 Iron Hands.

Iron Hand Characters 

A rhino looks pretty beat up.

Old Iron Hand leg combo with arms and added stuff.  Crazy metal models.

New style Cell Shadied - heavy Pop of colors and breaks.  Nick liked it so yay!  It did suck to paint as I tried to figure things out.  Next one done in this style will be a lot better.

Finishing off some 3 legged squig art.

Zero Comp Calories.


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THat guy seems so friggin rad.

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The Green Knight has earned his weight in gold for me every time .

Very nice Tech Marine !