Monday, June 20, 2016

Work and life busy busy

But I still keep painting and doing art.  I guess people like it... It never seems to end muahahah.

Alright - this is a quick what I am working on post.  I have a ton of models to knock out and I am almost done with a few commissions.  The end is drawing near so yay!  Let's get the paint/work list I have to do then the models.

Paint List

Bols Article
Frontline Art for AOS stuff
Maybe this random converted Cabal Sorcerer With Jump Pack

Mike K
3 Pods - Need to build
1 Librarian - Need to build

Brandon V
6 Centurions - need to build/convert
Some Tau Stealth Suits

Greg S
Knight weapons that I already built and magnetized - simple paint - hot swap of Battle Cannon/Melta Cannon/Avenger Gatling Gun

Full Knight with magnets etc.

Iron Hand shield guys when I find them

Chaos Dwarf stuff - next 2 days should be build days so hopefully I can build one or two once I find the right bases in all my stuff.

James L
Chaos Space Marines that start up once I finish the 2 lingering Space Marine commissions - one should be done by the weekend

Bryce - Fellblade Build hoping for Saturday

This week has me doing a ton of job interviews for 2 different promotions I am going for.  So far I am still in the hunt with interviews planned as I move up the interview gauntlet.  I bought 2 suits to make myself look a bit better for interviews.  Bad on the wallet but I figured it is about time I got some in my long 38 years of being a nerd boy.  I feel confident so will see.

Beyond that - I got my list mostly locked for ATC.  I don't expect to change it and the last evil knight was done so it is fully finished right now.  It should be fun and I hope to get a game in this weekend against a buddy that has been wanting to throw down.

Its a basic Murder horde plus 2 very shooty knights to round it out.  I think Karnak will give me some play vs some stars as they try to cast spells as well as 48 bullets getting thrown out from the Knights - will see.

I can't help but wonder if there is a Space Wolf Dreadnought army out there with some shield guys, Iron priests to fix em up.  Its a thought haha.

Models and stuff.

Woot doggies!

So Frankie would always borrow Reece's mullet'd scout - and I thought heck Frankie needed one - so thus the Brock was born.

More Chaos Dwarves - up next are some cannons.

Finishing off this Space Shark commission

My Second Evil Knight - a Blue one so I could say it is MoT if I wanted too.

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