Saturday, July 9, 2016

Goatboy's Somewhat Consistent Post

I have actually been playing weekly lately.  Practicing for ATC and basically reconfigured the list back to what I ran at Alamo and almost won it with.  I think this is the best, consistent, list I could use.  I did one small tweak - change the Furies to MoT.  This is cheaper and allows my herald of Khorne to take another lesser gift.  It gives me an extra Attack too and he becomes a marine killer.

Basic list

Daemonic Incursion
Daemon Lord - Fateweaver

Core - Murder Horde
Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Lesser  Gift X 2
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 8 units

Furies X 5, MoT

Foresworn Knight Detachment
Renegade Knight, Avenger Gatling Cannon
Renegade Knight, Avenger Gatling Cannon

Basically I found the double Gatling Knights were cool but the Warp Storm just went to something ok instead of something powerful.  I find with the Fate Reroll and single Dice reroll I can throw out a +1 Inv save, get some daemonettes, or even go after a caster on the other side.  The dogs help me control who hits the Knights and having access to a D Close combat attack made this set up a lot stronger.  Overall I feel confident in the list and have played 7 games with it so far and feel like I can kick butt with it.

Thus tomorrow I throw down with the Tetrad plus 2 CC knight build.  The 1850 army list shows up in my Monday article with chatter on how to make it 2000 points.  Might be testing 2000 points as War Games Con is 2000 points this year.  Seems fun and hopefully I can kick ass with 6 models on the table top.

Let's do a paint list - it is kinda all over the place the next few weeks.  I finished a FW commission that will probably move onto other stuff for  Chaos later on.  Knocked out the Space Sharks as well.

Nothing really for myself -
Art wise - rework and brighten logo and do some illustration work for front signage. - should have initial logo done later on this weekend
Bols Article - written

Imperial Knight build/paint - should get worked on this week.  Got done with a FW build which leaves me open to some smaller/tough builds.  Full magnets.

3 Vendettas - need to use some of the lascannons from centurions to do the conversion - will have pics - should get them built tomorrow.
Then it is onto marines for him later on

Brandon V
6 Centurions conversion holding the gun like - well a gun.  Arm change, gun change etc.
6 Tau thingies - the small suits that are stealth?  Already build - just need to prime and paint

James L
Chaos guys - got to open the box yay!

Finish off Chaos Dwarves - got 10 Gargoyles primed and ready to paint this weekend.  Will do another 10 and then have 2 big guys to finish up and one random walking guy.  Light is at the end of the tunnel haha.

If I missed anything shoot me an email to remind me.  That should cover most of it.

Let's get to some models and some art.  I knocked out some Frontline stuff for AoS.

A heck of a lot funner to paint then it is to build.  I got this Red scheme down haha.

MoT furies - Reaper Bones see through Flame Daemon lady thingie.  It is weird - primer on it leaves it sticky but any reg paint is fine on top.  Annoying but these guys look decent.  Black, blues to reds.

Quick drop pod.  Inside is basic metal.

Woot more Chaos Dwarves - again more fun to paint then to build.

Hey - have you seen my severed head?

these guys are both cavities.

Immortal unit

This is the last of the Space Sharks.  Yay!

Finishing off the AoS art for Frontline Articles.

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