Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life has been busy


Doesn't mean I wasn't working - but I have been busy.  Did ATC, finished some paint commissions, wrote BOLS articles, tried to keep ahead at work, and went for 2 promotions which I didn't get.  So sad times but hey - I still got work so that is good right haha.

Ok - enough of that - paint stuff etc - then lots of random stuff.

Frontline AOS art - got some of the groups to do
BOLS article - probably a what lists look interesting from ATC/Web
Maybe some weird conversion stuff - but it all depends on what list I plan on taking for War-games con
More art as usual.

Nick R
Finish bikers and then start on battle company

Brandon V
Finish some Tau and some big centurion conversions - have to figure em out

2 Daemon Prince Conversions - should be fun - right up my alley

James L
Should see a Chaos army start to paint

More iron hands to work on - should build em tonight.

I think that is it for now - will see I might have forgotten something.  I don't remember everything al the time haha.  I just want to knock out some stuff so it can get out of my house hehe.

List thoughts - just wrote up this dumb GK idea - I don't know if it will even work but it looks goofy.

Nemesis Strike Force
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, The Book to give him more powers, Staff
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
Purifiers X 10, 2 Psycannonys, 6 Halberds, 2 Hammer
Strike Squad X 5

Nemesis Strike Force
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
GK Librarian, Lvl 3, Staff
Purifiers X 10, 2 Psycannonys, 6 Halberds, 2 Hammer
Strike Squad X 5

UM Librarian Conclave
Tiggie Smalls
Librarian, Lvl 2, Terminator Armor, Axe, SS

Librarian, Lvl 2, Terminator Armor, Axe, SS

Idea is to use the GK libbies to get Gate and teleport around since I can't ride around in drop pods anymore.  I don't know if it would even work - but it could be fun as hell.  Plus you start on the table top and get moving across the field with teleports, and other dumb tricks.  Plus you got a ton of spells you can throw.  I could just do it with a ton of terminators and use Teleport homers to get around.  Tiggie would get swapped for another Terminator guy and maybe I run Dread Knights?  Meh - trying to get GK to work damnit.

Meh - it would be goofy to see.  I guess it depends on how well you do with Sanctic powers.  It is fun to think of a few Vortex's floating around the table top.

Plus the idea with all Terminators could use Teleport homers as one guy shoots forward and you start to stack around him to cast more spells.

Right now I am currently embroiled in a Tetrad thought process.  I am looking at a Tetrad and a Burning Skyhost combo.  I don't have Warp Storm control but I have MSU and a Paradox herald which can help me control things.  I might have enough MSU to not need Paradox but this is an initial thought list.

DP, MoK, Wings, Armor of Scorn, Greater X 2, Lesser X 1
DP, MoT, Wings, Greater X 2, Lesser X 1, Lvl 3, Flyer Ace - Warlord
DP, MoS, Wings, Greater X 2, Lvl 3
DP, MoN, Wings, Greater X 2

Sky Host
Herald, Disc, Paradox, Lvl 2
Screamers X 3 - 9 Units

Just shoots around the table and while it can't corrupt it will do some damage.  Plus it has Paradox to ensure summoning or something else is doable.  And there is enough guys to help control things towards the DP's etc as they fly around.  I took off the Robe on the MoT guy as I don't have Fate to control Leadership checks.  I could add it back as that guy isn't going to be throwing 5+ dice to cast summoning spells so he most likely won't get perils to fall down or die etc when he takes a wound.  It is an idea - Flyer Ace might be better as the Warlord Trait of +1 inv save and +1 to Tzeentch daemons mixed with a +1 from the flyer ace means he gets down to a 3+/2+ etc without the fear of eating it to a leadership check.  I was hoping to get a game in today but my buddy seems to have gotten busy.  It just means I can spend more time finding screamers.

ATC was a lot of fun.  The escalation table screwed me one game where I was -1 to D's, Stomps, etc vs an Iron Hands star.  It meant I couldn't kill him at all with my knights and the mission was set up to favor death stars.  Meh that was a bad loss and I had another at the hands of Geoff.  Dice went tits up for me and Geoff had the luck I had in our first game where everything came up 6's.  His army was strong too - but when the dice favors one it doesn't matter I just lay there like a noodle - letting that beastly dude wreck me hehe.

Alright models and other stuff.

Woot Knight knocked out!

KoW army done!

Flying Dakka dakka!

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