Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goatboy's - I Survived the Cruise

I read this one Grey Knight book thingie - it was cheese ball fun and had the Dark Mechanicus in it and it was awesome.  Of course that means I will be working on some nonsense.  Lord I have enough Daemon Princes.  I will go through the ones I have and offer them up for sale for any one interested.  Since I have so many of the damned things.

Finished up that Daemon  Commission before I left.  Going to pack it up in a day or two when I find my tape.  Part of it is done just need to get the metal jerks in a safe container for shipping.  It should help with keeping all their bits from breaking it bad.  Blargh!

My TVS is coming back!  I don't know if anyone else watches Supernatural or Grimm but those awesome cheeseball shows are great to paint too.  As well as Adventure time.  Hell I have some more random Adventure time sketches coming as my brain is full of them.  Maybe will see.

Let's start my paint list

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn one - waiting to see how bad it is from the writer - might be doing another one
Banner Art - Gots to do a Fun 40k one
Art for Frontline - Done - down below - if they hate it then well I will redo it.
Art for White Metal Games - Got some stuff to do for them
Art for a Slaanesh thingie - didn't like the initial sketch - want to rework
Art for Endless Games - Banner and logo thingie - first one was meh - need to make it better and more metal!
Another Logo I am talking about - will see where I go with it
Plus I really should do my Barbarian comic...
More Screamers for Feast Army - list at bottom I will be messing with more
Maybe do my first Dark Mechanicus thingie

5 man command Death Korp/Steel Legion Paint scheme - Done!
10 man squad - in pieces
3 Heavy weapon bits - in pieces
Plan on getting these done hopefully this weekend

Build his Wraithknight in a baller pose so he can paint it - magnetize it too.

Ship out his Daemons

Ship out his Dark Angels and friends - lots of stuff to get out of here damnit.

That is it for now - I am sure other things will come in.  A few things are on order for me to finish by Feast of Blades.  I am in the invitational again and will be playing most likely Daemons.  The idea of 3 Dragons plus 3 CSM nonsense DP's is interesting as well - but how fun is that eh?

Current list

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Locus of Conjuration
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10
FA: Screamers of Tzeentch X 7
FA: Screamers of Tzeentch X 8
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoN, Baleful Torrent

1850 on the nose - I can be aggressive with Screamers and jump ship if I need to if some die a bit.  Plus it can just win games with that 2++ rerollable.  If not this then some kind of CSM nonsense.

I like the Marine book and the first thoughts will be out on Monday.  From there I got an idea for an article about how the game has become hyper deadly and that the attitude needs to change on how things survive and interact with parts of the game.  If I can get that thought to work I will write it for Monday but I want to start out positive on Marines.

Oh yeah some pieces to look at!


D-Man said...

Where can I see a battle report? How Long does pre game take? Rolling everything.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

No Battle Report showing the rolling - but normally it is only a few minutes - you just roll them quickly and mark the cards to make sure you know what has what etc.