Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday - will be on Vacation for a few days.

Going out of town for Wedding Anniversary trip. 4 lovely years with the wife that let me come back to this game hehe.  So with that in mind will do a simple update.  Paint list for when I get back and other things.

Paint list
Plastic Dudesmen - done
Article - done! It has one cool list that might work - others are just math fights with numbers
Art - Dave - Banner for a friendly 40k tournament - paid - will draw while I am off not answering emails or phone calls
Art - Frontline - One more banner thing for Reese
Art - Endless Gaming Logo design - got some stuff drawn - not sure if I want to finish it
Art - New Inquisitor Venture Brothers Art - Drawn - need to see if I want to color it or not
There are some logo things that need to be look at - will see if I can get them done or at least started.

Titan is Finished!  It is already shipped out

2 Bikers Done!
LOTR next - will get a list when I start to pull it out to finish.

3 Plague Drones - done!

IG order
Got the FW stuff in today - will get them started when I get back - woohoo!

More Necron stuff is coming and some ork randomness.

Wraithknight - done!

So I will have a fun time when I get back.  I am just excited to get away, stop looking at stuff, and eat badly haha.

Ok list for you then minis to look at.

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3, Locus of Conjuration
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Lvl 3
Troops: Horrors X 10
Troops: Horrors X 10
Troops: Horrors X 10
FA: Screamers X 8
FA: Screamers X 7
Heavy: Soul Grinder, Baleful Torrent, MoN
Heavy: Soul Grinder, Baleful Torrent, MoN

I think using the screamers to move up and get aggressive will be a big help.  The list I posted on BOLS I will show some tweaks to it to fit into some newer styles.  I think there is merit there utilizing Dirge Casters to engage, kill, and say FU to Overwatch.  Woohoo.

Models to show as well.

Magnets are magic!

Presto it is changed!

Weird DP out of parts.

Super Magnets again - at crotch, head, and both arms.  I want one so bad for myself haha.

3 Gun swaps available.

The last Daemons for Will!

Here is the lot of them all painted up.  I think i twill look great on the Table top.

Ok look for a big post when I get back next week.  I am ready to start testing heavily for Feast as I need to send in a list soon.  I got this funky idea that I think will be odd - so maybe it is worth it?  If not it is Screamer or FMC Circus.


Zab said...

It's a trap - he's hiding in the dark with a baseball bat just waiting for the first sucker to break into his dwelling! Self proclaimed Spam tactician? I think not.

hyv3mynd said...

Enjoy your vacation man you deserve it! Did I read somewhere you're going on a cruise? If so, where to?

Any plans for attending DaBoyz GT this year? They booked an entire resort this year which will be nice if you want to bring the wife along.