Sunday, May 11, 2014

Goatboy's Sunday - Bunk Mini week due to - well real work being busy.

Woohoo - it was an odd week.  I changed up my list for Alamo and went with something more fun.  The new rumors for 7th edition actually excite me.  The cost of buying a new book makes me gassy.  But overall - life seems to be ok.  In a few weeks will find out the babies sex.  It will be cool - probably a girl but I want a boy too hahah.  Oh I go some Airbrush stuff in so look for that in a few weeks as I get some more training while up at Spikey Bits/FTW games.  Woohoo!  More to come about that as it gets closer but so far my ass is there.

Ok - list for Alamo.  A hell of a lot more fun then Circus haha.  I will lose like a boss!  Wife isn't coming down to San Antonio so that means... well I will drink a bit more haha.

Army list

Black Legion/Chaos Daemons

HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Sigil of Corruption, Veterans of the Long War, Skull of Ker'gnar, Gift of Mutation
HQ: Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 3, Bike, Sigil of Corruption. Force Stave, Veterans of the Long War, Gift of Mutation, Last Memory, Meltabombs, Chaos Bike
HQ: Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Lesser Gift, Greater Gift
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Flesh hounds of Khorne X 10
Fortification: Vengeance Battery X 2, Quad Lasers

1850 on the nose!  I got my display base built too!  I lost one I brought to Adepticon.  Someone borrowed it and then I didn't get it back.  Not a big deal as I could get another one.

Woohoo - it takes up the whole board.  I upped the green glow, added in some rocks, and actually feel this one works a lot better.  Pretty happy with it.  Now I should just get cards made at some point to hand them out.  Local store might let me add some minis to their case with a card etc.  Maybe drums up some local business?  I am always a fan of that haha.  Speaking of that - paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - Got 2 ideas - will probably try to do b oth
Chaos Knight - Khorne Knight - Almost done today
Possessed Banner Art - want to get it done before I leave for Alamo GT

5 Assault Terminators - Primed

Chris C
Cauldron of Blood - Primed
10 Witch Elves - not primed

Necro Orks - more to come

Old Skool Daemons - need to pull open the box and get started - count them out etc.

More IG/AG coming in.  Will count them out as I get them started

Draigo Display piece - Draigo is done - need to get the Daemonette conversions done - base is done.  This will hopefully get finished before I leave on Friday.

I am sure there are other things - will see what I can bust out before I head out.  Fun times.

I will write up the Alamo GT with the fun list.  I am excited about 7th rumors and hope they continue to kick some ass.  Will see - hell we got two weeks haha.  I spend almost 80 bucks a month on comics so a 100 dollar book isn't the end of the world for me.  Heck the rumors of Orks in the starter set just have my salivating.  I love me some Orks haha.

Ok models and some art.

Khorne Knight - Gladiator.

A Winter Soldier version of  Cypher.

Maybe forum logo - just was messing with shapes.

Techno Viking! Love me that Vikings show!
Red Skull Ork!  Woohoo!


Tommy Hovind Kristiansen said...

All the guys in the club where super impressed with the angry-nerd-viking banner! I'm placing a huge order on t-shirts and hoodies for the lads now. Tournie season approaches.

So cheers for the quality work and VERY fast delivery!

Ronin Rumbler said...

Wow, the Khornate Knight made me double-take! Amazing way to break up the outline of the neck and really make it look like a walking shrine that can still do Khorne business (add to skull collection).