Monday, May 19, 2014

Survived Alamo 40k Gt

With a 2nd place overall finish.  Woohoo!  I went 4-1 with that CSM list and survived a lot of knights.  In fact - my jugger lord punked out a 3 Knights and only died twice.  Let's get a list of what he killed over the event.

Game 1 - A few squads of biker marines, Shield Eternal Lord, and Khan.
Game 2 - Coteaz, Inquisitor, Grand Master
Game 3 - 2 Knights, The Scion Vehicle and almost a 3rd Knight (whiffed on 7 str 9 hits...) he died here
Game 4 - He didn't get to do much - got shot a lot and died.  It was killing 2 knights that did him in cuz he was tired.
Game 5 - 1 Knight, Master of the Forge, Devastator Squad and some Servitors.

Overall he did smashing.  My Sorcerer did ok - he got a Knight in the last game with a lucky meltabomb.  The Lascannon batteries killed enough hull points to let the Sorcerer get the lucky hit and survive the sword hits and stomp attacks.  My opponent rolled badly :(.

Still I had fun and was glad to repeat a 2nd overall appearance.  I got it last year too haha.  Woohoo!  And I played a fun list too.  Full of Assault.  Juggerlords are a pain in the ass.  It might mean I should mess with them more in 7th edition.  Will see - new rules, new ideas, and hopefully fun games.  I think the idea of revolving missions during a game might be really cool.  Makes each turn extremely important especially when you have to push and force an objective to win.  It means no game is exactly the same and I think there is merit in that.

Hell I learned Knights can get punched in the face pretty hard - and super assault options are the best.  I would use the spawn to hit first - incase of an explosion it would only get some d on those jerk hole spawn.  Spawn did really well - daemon side of things not so much - but the Spawn did great.  T5-T6 is a big help.

Will see - hell events could make some missions locked and others crazy with max points you can earn.  Or hell you just keep points through the whole thing and you get games where both players sort win as they both get a ton of VPs.  Interesting thoughts indeed.

I am going to work on designing the Nurgle knight and then getting some games in with 3 Knights.  I wish they could play with Chaos :(.  I really do.

Paint list

Plastic Dudesmen - got script for one - got ideas for others - will see what comes out
Article - 7th edition eh?
Nurgle Knight - I can start working on it.  Ordered bits for Tzeentch knight.
Design start for customer Yarrick
Design start for Chaos/Evil Hive Tyrant - going to go with Iron Warriors type of theme
Design start for Khan super biker - bits ordered
I have some art I need to work on - trying to figure out a logo thing for a big team idea - issue might too many things to work out - will see.

Necro Orks - almost finished with the first batch - a few small things then big thing - then the second batch!

Chris C
Dark Elves - 11 total to do in the small batch - got the Cauldron done.

IG /AG came in - will start breaking it down and getting it ready to go.

Luis P
More Flesh Tearers - new BA book will make these guys viable for sure.

Old Skool daemons get started in a day or two - more work over the weekend!

Draigo display
Need to build the Daemonettes.  Combo out of DE stuff, Daemonette stuff, and green stuff-  Hope to build and paint by the weekend.  Draigo looks good.

So yeah that is it for now.  Man - dumb ideas for lists.

Crimson Slaughter/Black Legion

HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Jugger, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Daemonheart, Gift of Mutation
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Jugger, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Gift of Mutation, Prophet of Voices
Troops: Possessed X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5
FA: Heldrake
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer

HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Jugger, Powerfist, Lightning Claw, Skull of Etc
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5

Fortification: Vengeance Batteries X 2, Quad Lascannons

1850 on the nose - looks goofy as shit but it sends a ton of missiles at you.  Could be cool with the Possessed.  They get that Beast power haha.  Meh ideas indeed.  Plus it means I paint another Jugger lord.  I got one more plastic one left I can combo out into a cool one.  Damnit ideas again!

Let's get some art and models out of the way and end this.

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