Monday, June 23, 2014

Goatboy - Didn't Die

Family has been down so time has been rough.  I started ramping up a bit paint wise so hopefully this next week kicks a ton of ass and I can knock out big portions of people's armies.  I still have a ton left to paint all over - so this will be a rough couple of weeks as I strive to get my ATC army done.  I just need to get a set of Nurglings, Herald of Palanquin, and 20 Furies.  I just hate my life at times haha.

If you read my stuff on BOLS you know I stopped doing Plastic Dudesmen.  I just got tired of investing so much time and really the comments should have just been turned off.  But meh - 170 is more then the jerks that commented could do - so there is that haha.  You can read some of the other ones and chuckle for me.  And to those keeping on doing game related comics like that - have fun!  I think I will invest more of my time doing art I want to do.  So will see.  Paint list and stuff.

Bols Article - Just written on Orks - it is kind of meandering as I won't have a solid feel till I get the book in.
20 Furies of Slaanesh - Need to find 10 more Daemonettes.  I think I have them so will see.  Cool conversion I blame Kenny on.
3 Nurglings - got the box these guys are fun
1 Herald of Nurgle on Palaquin.  I have done one in the past - so will just redo that one.
Ork review stuff for Kromlech.

Rhino - primed and ready to go
Jump Pack guys - need to pull and prime to finish this box of stuff.

Old Skool Khorne Dogs - got 9 ready to base and prime - might do it tonight
More dogs too - and some other random stuff.

More Marines - got 7 Terminators done - need to get more guys done too

Dark Elves - got some spear like guys - got another batch primed

AM stuff to do - will start with some character stuff as it is more fun for me.

Some random D&D figures too that just came in to work on.  3 Guys should be fun - will try to knock them out later on this week.

I hope to get at least most of the week on model painting.  That is my desire.  Will see.  Beyond that I need to get ATC army ready to go.  I am playing some kind of rush thing I have mostly painted up.  It should be fun attacker list as I prey on some of the other armies.  Will see if it works out haha.  Will post the list when I get closer and actually get all the pieces done.

I need to get more Nurglings for other lists and with the baby coming - most likely my spending is shot a bit.  I got the Crib yesterday woohoo.  It should come in a few weeks.  Then I get to build that instead of a model for the weekend.  We painted the Kitchen yesterday.  Next up is some stairs and other things.  Woohoo!

Old Skool!

2 More Rhinos to go

I missed mine - got another converted one that looks goofy hah.


Mo Marines?

A fun one - was originally Plastic Dudesmen #171 but decided to just stop for now.

Unfair poker game eh?

Mad Koala.


Tim said...

If you stop doing Plastic Dudesmen, the terrorists win.

Sorry to hear you stopped doing it. I think you should have kept it up maybe just on your own blog. But I understand your decision.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I just had to after awhile. It bogged down my work week trying to think of something and then watching it crash and burn haha.

Leyzer said...

AWWW Bummed about The dudesman. Bols Comments is just full of Trolls.
wish you the best of luck. I for one would love to see some of your epic art work every now and again.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The idea is to use that time to actual do a nice piece of work for my weekly articles. Like the Rat Fink ork drawing - it was a lot more interesting for myself to do that.

Daniel Carleton said...

Welcome to the internet, where people write first and think second.

I hope you keep updating your blog though. I really enjoy reading your new chaos lists and think you have an interesting build style that you have to keep sharing with the world.

Also, sorry if this is posted twice, New Zealand Internet is really bad and timed out a bunch of times while trying to comment.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hah no worries on posting twice. I won't quit writing. That is easy stuff and I enjoy it. The comic takes up a bit too much time to make it worth wile right now. If I made some money off of it I might think differently but it is ruff.

Look for some Chaos and Ork lists. Those are my jam and I love to play that stuff. If we can run double CAD I can do some goofy Chaos Space Marine stuff hehe.

Unknown said...

I will miss the days of Tyranid sock puppet!!!!!! It's ok though Wyatt didn't really give you the best content to tag your art to so whatever. I think overall it was a good run.

Xaereth said...

Bummer to hear that you're not doing the comic anymore, though I rarely go to BoLS these days anyways, and when I do it's because you mentioned on this blog that you wrote something over there, haha!

Just how it goes sometimes - I fade in and out of my blog because I'm doing it for my own enjoyment and if I stop enjoying it (i.e. there are other things I will enjoy more with that time), then what's the point?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Love the Sock puppet - he won't go away. Nor will the dumb guardsmen. Most likely I will draw weird art for my articles and then hopefully work on the apocalyptic comic i always wanted to do.

But man - it just got old after awhile hahaha. Articles are in some ways easier then doing a comic.