Monday, June 9, 2014

Woohoo - Made it on a Monday!

First of all - this weekend I will be at FTW Games for SpikeyCon.  Come out if you are around and give me a shout.  I should have a Daemon army plus feel like testing some new ideas Kenny threw at me today.  I think Daemons have to completely shift and change into the army we sort of thought it was in the beginning.  Will see if it works out.

I will have markers to draw on bags, paper to do art if you want, and well you can give me some crap live.  Art and bag designs start at $25.00 so come say hi and help me buy more random Orks.  I love how blogspot changes Orks to irks if you don't capitalize it haha.  That is how I feel as I look at the amount of plastic crack I have haha.  I might try some live art stuff with a big banner if my back doesn't get too mad at me.

Ok as I am out this week my paint week is rather - lackluster.  So instead let me build up a list of what I want done after I get back.  Hopefully my back will feel better too.  It is kind of up and down but thankfully muscle pain ointment keeps me from crying too much.  I can't complain as my wife is well - dealing with a baby who likes to kick already haha.

Saw the new Tom Cruise movie.  It was a lot of fun and definitely a strong Scifi movie for the summer.  I look at it this way - I paid for 2 tickets plus food and I wasn't pissed at what I spent.  That's how I review movies haha.

Oh... made new Caster cards for those that know - if you are interested email me.

Paint week/weeks/etc

Plastic Dudesmen - Got an idea - will see if I can color it tomorrow - if not it will be a filler week
Article - thinking a Hobby related one talking about the Khorne Knight I did.
I am sure a Morkanaut and maybe some Flash Gitz too
Review some models for Kromlech
Help design a Tattoo
Get the Basic Background logo for an ETC group

Tim V
8 Space Marines - got them based and I need to prime to maybe get done tomorrow.  Will see
5 Terminators - got an idea for the test scheme need to do it when I get back
Probably more Marines

3 More Rhinos - will get them primed next week
Assault Marines to do

Greg S
AM order that will end up starting when I get back

Necro Ork Pylon to finish this one box
3 Spyders to do to to fit in the box
Then I start on the second box to finish this.  Back thrown out killed my drive bad.

I have a small order coming in for some high end reaper stuff - so look for that too.

I am sure some other things will flow in as usual.  Plus my own stuff.  I love to paint.  That is my biggest thing when I talk to people interesting in doing this.  I tell them you have to not get upset painting and spending most of your free time knee deep in plastic.  It is a hard thing to do consistently  and I do it mindlessly as well as write and draw.  I might stop the comic before long as I feel like I should do something - I don't know with more substance art wise.  Will see.  I feel it is coming to an end and I would rather do something else.  Plus I get tired of the jerks online haha.

Big thing did everyone notice in the Daemon FAQ Heralds are not limited to 4 of per HQ choice in the Primary detachment.  Holy crap... this means some nonsense is afoot.

HQ: Sorcerer, Bike, Sigil, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
HQ: Sorcerer, Bike, Sigil, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN

HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 2
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 2
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Lvl 3, Disk, Exalted Gift
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
FA: Screamers X 8

Fortification: Vengeance Batteries X 2, Quad Lascannons X 2

1850 - seems decent enough.  I start with 13 WC dice - should be enough to cast Spells.  Heck - this whole Herald thing opens up some nonsense for sure.  Will it be good?  I think speed is going to be the Daemons answer - instead of summoning shit you just need to go get engaged and kill things.  Will see if that works or not.

Heck look at the fast things right now for Daemons.  You got Daemonettes at troops, Fiends or Crushers at Elite, then Screamers/Seekers/Flesh Hounds/Drones/Furies.  Lots of ideas there.  Move fast, engage, and hope for the best.  If you can hit an opponent a bunch of times it might help.

Heck I am thinking 3 Maulers backed by lots of Daemonettes etc might be good too.  You get Shrouding off around them or heck Cursed Earth and you got a bunch of pain in the ass.  You could kill Knights pretty easily with a dual Fiend rush.

Will see what I pack up for this weekend.  Again I am planning on testing more then anything else.  I might bring what you see above you because I have all of that already painted.  I just want to see how it works out and if there is merit in the bits and pieces I try out.  I might need to make a quick caster on a bike haha. Damn my brain chugging along.

Ok some models and a small bit of art.

Some art for a shop etc.
There is a ton more in this batch.  I got another 11 or so waiting to get based and primed for when I get back.

2 More Rhinos - 3 more to go.  Woohoo!

Marines!  Woot - nice scheme that is refreshing.


Blackmoor said...

I think fast moving demons is the way to go. I have not been impressed with demon summoning because the army really does not do anything. At some time in the game you are going to have to kill something and that army doesn't do that.

What I have been impressed with is the durability that the demons have. They have a lot of defensive buffs with Invisibility, Shrouding, and Cursed Earth that add on to the Grimore and that makes them really hard to kill.

I am thinking that a fast moving Slaanesh based assault army might be the way to go.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

100% agree. It was the initial ideas we had in the beginning of the Codex before I got all into FMC nonsense.

But massed waves of fast guys with shrouding bubbles, invisibility options, and always relevant hand to hand is going to be key.

I think there is also another hidden fast attack gem that might give Daemons out on Knights as well.

leochangkm said...

The problem is how to kill AV13 Walkers, or walkers in general-_- or just avoid them?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I agree - there is another build designed to deal with them. I will end up talking about it if I can figure out a good way to get the minis in time.

Ross Leach said...

Looking forward to hearing much more of your thoughts on daemons in 7th Thomas. It looks like speedy daemons are definitely the way to go. Gotta crack open those transports and push the other guy off objectives!

Justin Kalt said...

Dude, I totally glanced over that thing about the Herald. Re-read it... thanks man.