Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Blah blah - what another post in like a week?

What's happenin hahah.  So far so good this week.  It is the end of they year - stuff is getting slower at work and life is moving on alright.  Have to get the wife a birthday gift and a funny xmas gift.  Our gift to ourselves was Halo and 2 Year Xbox live haha.  It gets hard getting gifts when you have a one income household and I am the type that is like - we get what we want/need when it comes up etc.  As a kid we just got cash from family so I never got into the cool gift giving thing etc.  Oh wells.

I won't lie - I like those new Chaos Horse guys.  Don't like the cost though.  I guess I could use some store credit from doing Frontline stuff.  I got my Horus Heresy box set as well as a Blood Thirster.  Those things are just sitting there - asking me to build them and paint.  Jerks.

Let's get a paint list

Artwork for a Banner - drawn just need to color
Maybe something else for me?  Who knows
Bols Article for next week

Nick R
Build Storm Surge - Done - it sucked
Built other Tau stuff
Might have to paint them - will see

Luis P
2 More Assassins to build and paint

Jon S
3 Primed Dark Angel Black Knights
6 more Dark Angel Black Knights to build and paint

Random stuff

More Random bikes

Chaos Knight rebuild/paint

I am sure there are other things to - this is just off the top of my head.

Damn the ITC and making the Big Mek Stompa available.  I wrote about it on BOLS but man it has me thinking.  I think going all SAG isn't worth it that much - but maybe going 5 - Lootas inside to ensure I can move 6 inches and shoot etc.  Meh!!!

The thought is to utilize 2 30 man boyz squads to keep guys from getting to me.  I don't know if it is worth it that way or not.  It is just an idea.  I do like seeing a bunch of shokk attack guns shooting out of the Big Mek Stompa.  It would be hilarious to see the damage I could cause with a ton of random stuff just throwing out of there.  I need to really think of the list more to see if I can work it out.

Big Mek, Mega Armor, Da Fixer Upper
Ork Boyz X 30, Nob, PK, Rokkits X 3
Gretchin X 10
Buzz gob Big Mek, Custom Big Mek Stompa, Deff Kannon X 2
Deff Kopta, TWL Rokkits
Deff Kopta, TWL Rokkits
Deff Kopta, TWL Rokkits
Void Shield, 2 Extra Shields

Waagh Detachment
Big Mek, Mega Force Field
Big Mek, SAG
Gretchin X 10
Gretchin X 10
Tank Bustas X 5

Morgrok's Boss Boyz
Mogrok, SAG, Da Finkin Kap
Big Mek, SAG
Big Mek, SAG
Warboss, Mega Armor, Lucky Stix
Weird Boy, Warphead

The Idea is that inside the Mek I have
Tank Bustas X 5 with Attach Mekboy - Gives me one Fix it roll at 5+
Buzzgob Fix it roll at 5+
4 SAG Big Meks, with Attached Big Mek in Mega Armor - gives me the one 3+ from Mega Armor plus 3 5+ or 4 SAG shots.  If I don't move I can have them all separated and shooting at different targets.
Warboss goes with the 30 Boyz - gives some threats to things getting near and a reroll 2+ armor save if needed.
The 3 Deff Koptas are for Maelstrom.
Gretchin just get in the way like I need them too.

It might work - I took the last week off in December so the temptation to finish an Ork army during that time is great.  I just either need to figure out a cool SAG conversion or just buy the plastic one with my Frontline Writing credit.  Temptations.

I almost went and played a random assigned team event this weekend.  1000 pts per side - but my Dad came into town so that nixed it.  I built and painted some models instead.  And watched some TV Shows.  Ash Vs. the Evil Dead is great by the way.  Gonna hit up Jessica Jones later on during the winter show break.  Probably Aziz's show too.  Just watching dem Netflix.

Ok enough of that - stuff to look at.

Woot - finished this one up last night for a Client.  He saw the one I did for myself and wanted one.

Test Corsair thingie that I just wanted to paint - need to see the actual point costs etc.

This is a model I always wanted to paint - found one and painted it as a librarian.

Zoom zoom!

You will taste discipline or my blade!


Beatbox Nurgle Champion!

Mo zoom zoom!


Andrew said...

Thanks to your image header I now have Primus stuck in my head.

Nice work on the minis.

Aventine said...

Play Heresy! Play Word Bearers! You already have the army pretty much. Only thing you need to get is Zardu Layak. Take the Calth box, some of your Drop Pods, Zardu, that D-thirster and whatever other daemons and have a Word Bearers Orbital Assault army with Daemon allies.... would be sweet....!

Aventine said...

Oh, and convert the Contemptor in the box into a Mhara Gal to go in a dread pod!