Monday, June 1, 2009

I write a lot of lists

Gonna use this as a daily painting/army thought blog that is in reference to my painting service as well as my own local tournament scene. First, as everyone should know, the BOLS crew is going to be hosting a tournament in August. Why is that important? Well it will be the week before I get hitched to an awesome lady, so the weekend will be my Bachelor weekend. So if you wanted to come down, see me inebriated and goofy, come on down and throw some dice. I will be playing as best as my addled mind can do. Amazingly enough, the time I got 5th in Baltimore was when I was insanely hung over. So I might not be that much of a push over hehe.

But enough of that, the reason I was writing this is to give an idea on how my process for work, well works. I write up lists of stuff I need to do, with options for paint and building to check off. I know I won't finish everything in a week, but for the most part I will finish most of it. But I find it interesting to write out these thoughts and see if my red pen can clear them off haha. Lucky for me, I like to batch paint and work, so normally I finish off full squads, versus one single model. Currently I have 3 rotating pay projects, 2 nonpay BOLS projects, 3 of my own projects, as well as my own army lists thoughts. So I am usually busy thinking of plastic dudes heh. I find working on 2 or 3 things really helps me come to each project fresh, as I can change gears pretty quickly and come at things much more rested. But oh well.

I am hoping the painting business picks up as people are starting to get more settled economically, and myself and the other painters have more clients under our belts. In fact, if you order something from me I can give you an extra, whether it is magnetizing weapons or just having an upgraded base, something will be upgraded for free. I find it hard to under paint or under build a model, and if I can see a way to improve something, whether it is with options or just having a cool base, I usually do it. I don't like boring models and if things look cool, I will strive to make them cool.

Also, for those that want to paint, shoot me an email at I don't have any secret painting methods and I am always willing to share with anyone. In fact a few customers just used me as the base painter, to get an idea and tried it out themselves. Website is here. Prices and examples of my own work as well as my studio mates work too.

Onto some new stuff, I finished up a batch of Arbites for a commission. I also painted more ork stuff (3 trukks, 1 BW). I didn't take pics of those, as well, I have already finished some and thought, more copies of trukks are not the most exciting to check out. Look for some converted lootas, as well as a new batch of killa kans with wrecking balls. Going to magnetize both arms, since all the other weapons are magnetized for them. Plus I need to make some big shootas to attach to their sides. Fun times indeed.


sovietspace said...

I'm actually exactly the same, I write lists galore - but rarely actually keep to them! But your right, list are a good motivator, and its a great feeling if you actually get through one.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yup, right now I have a few markings through my list, I hope this week is pretty productive :).