Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woot - got first in the hobby Tournament

After playing through the army, I feel it can use some changes to make it more "fun" and fabius bile like. Trying to get the idea that there are multiple troops that have been effected by his magic drug. So the thought would be to add, some gasp, possessed. Might run Bile with them, because it kinda fits with his crazed drug cronies.

List is below for the new thoughts and design. I did like the 24 daemons I played. They did a lot more then is normal, killing a predator through the love of rolling glancing hits, took 3 wounds on a Daemon Prince, and took out lots of IG. Definitely worth the random 13 points a piece and I think I will up the squad size to 8 a piece, to give more attacks when they charge in.

Plans for today is to watch the Hangover, paint these two killa kans, and try to put together the other kan for the squad and a bunch of nobz. Look for pics tomorrow with army list for Chaos as well as my ork thought. Oh I picked up my fourth BW for winning the tournament :). Woot hooray. And now I am in 2nd place in the local tournament standings.

Oh Chaos list thoughts.

HQ: Fabius Bile - 160pts
Elites: Possessed (9), Asp Champ, MoT, Rhino - 319pts
Troops: Plague Marines (7), Melta*2, Asp Champ, Combi-melta, Powerfist, Personal Icon, Rhino - 271pts
Troops: CSM (10), Bile Up, Melta*2, MoK, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 315pts
Troops: CSM (10), Bile Up, Melta*2, MoK, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 315pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Daemons: Lesser (10) - 130pts
Heavy: Oblits (3) - 225pts

1995 - woot.

I got enough melta to deal with any tanks a hobby tournament might throw out. Plus I have 30 zombies/daemons :). Woot I think it will play alright, not too competitive but enough for the Hobby Tournaments. Woot. Pics of the army as I finish the whole thing.


Bushido Red Panda said...

Looks like a 5 in my book.

StratManKudzu said...

Saw The Hangover last night, HILARIOUS!!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It was awesome! Thought it was bad ass for sure :).