Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I am working on

Besides painting I obviously do art. Right now I am machining through the Badab character pictures. Fun stuff drawing 20 marines. How many made looking dudes can I draw? I have to take off the helmets, because it would be lame to have a bunch of helmeted guys. Fun times. But yeah, I have 1 redraw and an IG guy for the book to finish up. And some random bits and pieces, servo skull, bolter, and probably something else.

Besides that, on the painting block is to do some touch ups on the finished arbites. I want to pull up some of the blues to brighten up the figures a bit. Might add a bit of a glow to the mauls to see if it looks alright etc. Watered down Ice Blue all the way heh.

I finished putting together the converted lootas and right now I am looking at this box of nobz and the army build out list I made for the customer. Fun times indeed. I did convert a cool kombi skorcha attached to a pistol for one of the nobz. Just need to finish out the rest to make sure everything fits right and looks good. Beyond this I want to finish up a Bloodthirster model and this eagle model for a high elf army. I found a piece of wood that is perfect for the attachment, just need to clean it up and get it ready to glue down and green stuff to a base. Fun times indeed.

I have a hobby tournament this weekend, and my plan is to quit being such a pissie baby and just have fun. I've been in a bad mood as of late, due to lack of real work advancement. Hopefully I can push out of my funk and just play for fun. Lately the Fantasy side of Warhammer has been pissing me off. I think I just don't know it as well and find it frustrating. Hopefully I can pull through a fun Heavy tournament with my magic light Chaos Warriors. Blood for the blood god indeed.

Look for more orks this weekend, as well as some other random pics.