Monday, June 29, 2009

Welp this weekend was a bit of a wash

Work wise - I did get the following done

1 Loota squad
1 Built and based Possessed
1 Based Counts as Kharn
2 Rhinos

This week gonna try to get a good amount done, plus wedding stuff. Woot, it is gonna be a long week me thinks. Need to get honeymoon done, get de worm crap for one stupid cat, anti flea stuff for said cats, invitations done, rework my main art site into something that looks like my painting site (easier to view etc and check out), and take apart some stuff in the back yard to throw away. So all of that, and mini stuff woot!

Minis for this week - stuff I hope to finish

1. Valk with insides painted into this cool red glow - should look awesome as I talked myself into doing it. I curse you Andrew for making me think of something cool. Shouldn't be too hard, just a pain to get together and make sure to set up right etc, as I paint it.
2. Killa Kans #6,7, & 8 - Got all the pieces ready - Painting them is easy, putting them to gether is a pain due to greenstuffing everything to make sure it fits. Gonna use the Klaws from the BW for the one side, but it will be magnetized.
3. Nurgle Vindicator for a customer - he customized it all out and it looks fucking bad ass. Will have pics as it gets done - currently the green is based on it with 3 layers of highlights, and the metal bits are browned to start the rust and design set up - gonna have some fun with this one. Need to get a good zombie flesh for the fleshie bits as well as all the nurgle stuff. Making me rework my new rhino for my Ard Boyz army damnit.
4. Possessed Painted - Gonna go with this weird flesh/red design - the rhino has no flesh bits, but it will have this kinda cut of red into the overall black of the vehicle with metallic chips out the edges etc.
5. Kharn - same as above, with more red is the plan. Should be fun.
6. Nurgle Rhino - might be green stuffing it more as #3 has made me want to add more shit to it. Bastard Lukas!!!
7. BW 3 & 4 for Ork customer that you keep seeing.

So yeah, lots to do - hopefully I can get all of that done.

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Andrew said...

Me? I simply wanted it painted. You are the one who said, "Oh! Wouldn't it be cool if I..."