Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hallo from Hawaii

My wife is taking a nap after a long walk so I decided to post a bit. No new minis of course, but I wanted to post three lists for WoC, Marines, and my heavy Ork List that I plan on making & playing in the next 2 months. WoC is almost done as is, but Marines are the army that is forever staring at me. Trust me, the amount of crap I have sitting on sprues is annoying haha. I am saving them for space wolves, as the new codex is looking pretty damned sweet as the tid bits are coming in. They are sounding like super CSM with cooler bits (gives me hope for the legion books, maybe this IG guy can write them too...). Beyond that, Skaven are sounding neat as well as the small rumors of Nids upcoming (they need work, maybe something ap 1?).

Ard boyz is coming up for Fantasy, so I decided to throw a magic heavy WoC list out to see if I can throw 2 gateways a turn. I will most likely lose so bad to Daemons it isn't worth my time. Locally where it will be hosted, you get double the points for the end of the year tournament. I plan on trying to get into both Fantasy and 40k. Right now I am in 3rd for 40k and somewhere for fantasy in the top 5 or so.

Ard Boyz WoC Fantasy List - Hooray Special Characters for the win.

Lord: Vilitch the Curseling - 395pts
Lord: Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4, MoT, Spell Familiar, Barded Steed, Collar of Khorne, Biting Blade - 359pts
Hero: Sorcerer, MoN, Lvl 2, Skull of Katam - 190pts
Hero: Sorcerer, MoN, Lvl 2, Puppet - 175pts
Hero: Sorcerer, MoN, Lvl 2 - 140pts
Hero: Festus the Leechlord - 185pts
Core: Chaos Warriors (13), Shields, MoT, Standard Bearer, Blasted Standard - 280pts
Core: Marauder Horsemen, Flails - 75pts
Core: Marauder Horsemen, Flails - 75pts
Core: Marauder Horsemen, Spears, Shields - 75pts
Special: Chaos Knights (5), MoK, Standard Bearer, War Banner - 275pts
Special: Chaos Knights (5), Lances, MoS - 235pts
Rare: Hell Cannon - 205pts
Rare: Hell Cannon - 205pts
Rare: Warshrine - 130pts

Pts 2999
Casting dice = 2 (army) + 8 (Lvl 4's) + 8 (Lvl 2's) = 18 dice to throw at you, plus whatever else you don't dispell :).
Dispel Dice = 2 (army) + 4 (Lvl 4's) + 3 (Lvl 2's) = 9 = hopefully enough to stop stuff, plus whatever else I get from not being able to cast etc.

The main block in the middle now has 4+ versus shooting, 5+ Regen, 6+ Inv save (some 5+), -1 WS/BS to shoot at, 2 MR as well as all the MoT getting +2 to cast and all MoN getting +1 to cast. The plan is to Bubos anything out with 4 tries, as well as being able to throw 4 dice to Gateway things if need be. Pandemonium should get cast a lot, plus I can always make on of my Warriors into an exalted Champion to take any need be challenge etc. The Hell Cannons sit to either side of the main magic block, with the puppet allowing any misfires to get me to throw gateway again for free. I just need to convert one more sorcerer as well as make the Vil dude. I don't know how good he really is, but it is worth a shot. The knights run behind the Marauders in hopes to hit some units or anything big with either their lances or just being Str 5 3 attack bastards. The warshrine is there to help boost one of the knight crews in hopes they can do more.

I know an all eggs in one basket list, but it looks goofy and will probably at least get me a chance to gateway something neat. So far things I have made go poof - Lord of Change, Chosen Block, and did enough wounds to an Anvil to kill it :).

Marine List - 2000 pt - the Fistahs of Lysander

HQ: Lysander - 200 pts
Elite: Assault Terminators (6), TH/SS - 240 pts
Transport: LRC, Multi-Melta - 260pts
Elite: Iron Clad Dread, Hvy Flamer, Drop Pod - 180pts
Elite: Iron Clad Dread, Hvy Flamer, Drop Pod - 180pts
Troops: Marine Squad (10), Melta, Combi Melta, Multi-Melta, Drop pod - 225pts
Troops: Marine Squad (10), Melta, Combi Melta, Multi-Melta, Razorback - 230pts
Troops: Marine Squad (10), Melta, Combi Melta, Multi-Melta, Razorback - 230pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spons - 85pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spons - 85pts
Heavy: Predator, Hvy Bolter Spons - 85pts

2000 pts - This is a anti horde, fire power army list. You have the Predators covering the LR so they it can get a cover save most of the time in the first turn. The razor backs are there to allow for more dakka to come out. I think Hvy Bolters are an unsung hero for Marine armies, thus the increased amount of them. They are great at taking down Speeders, Bikers, anything that has a +1 to their toughness. Mix this with an overall increase in threats and you got some units in the game that will get 2 more turns of shooting then they might not normally have. Also remember, you can drop the one pod in without anyone in it. Drop it on the closest objective of your opponents. This way you can lock it down and leave them having to go back and somehow get this crashed space ship off of it.

Shots per turn - Autocannon - 6 - TWL Hvy Bolter - 6 - Hvy Bolter - 18 = Lots and lots of ways to throw wounds on MC creatures or any horde style army. If you are facing lootas, drop the Dreads right by them first turn. Scare the crap out of them so your other army bits can get into place and pour out fire as need be. Vulkan lists might be hard, but remember that TH/SS termies just need to roll one 1 to die and give you 40 points :).

Finally my ork army I plan on playing for the Heavy Tournament this month.

HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Cybork, Bosspole, Kombi Skorcha, Attack Squigg - 160pts
HQ: Big Mek, Kustom Force Field, Burna, Cybork, Bosspole - 115pts
Elites: Lootas (15) - 225pts
Elites: Meganobz (5), Battle Wagon, Big Shoota (2), Deff Rolla - 320pts
Troops: Nobz (5), Bikes, PK (2), Cybork, Painboy, Kombi-Skorcha (2), Bosspole, Waagh Banner - 360pts
Troops: Boyz (20), Big Shootas (2), Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Troops: Boyz (20), Big Shootas (2), Nob, PK, Bosspole - 170pts
Heavy: BattleWagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram - 105pts
Heavy: BattleWagon, Big Shoota (2), Ram - 105pts
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), Rokkits (3) - 135pts
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), Rokkits (3) - 135pts

2000 pts - I decided to drop Snikrot as I have felt that he is just not worth it anymore. I played too many Marine armies that allowed him to matter. I also felt lootas were much better of an option too. Now the bikerz would ride behind the wagons if need be, or run out in front. The smaller squad is there to try and lure opponents to them, versus the other more, annoying options in the army list. The two deff koptas are there for the much needed Rokkits versus any kind of walker or other annoyance that might show up. Sentinels are rather annoying for orks to deal with.

Welp that is it from Hawaii. I think the plan is to go get some Shrimp soon at this local place that rocks. Fun times indeed. If I didn't get so sunburnt the first day (hooray dumbass) I would be swimming right now. The plan is to get into the pool late tonight for some swimming.

Alright outta here suckas!!!


RealGenius said...

What's that? A 6-man Nob Biker squad? I wonder who championed that idea so long ago...

Jwolf said...

When are you coming back? Because I just started building Land Raiders today. Yes, I am a slacker.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I will be back Saturday. And yes, it is a 5 man squad actually!!! I TRUMP YOU SUCKA!!!

Been running smaller squads for awhile now due to the issue of putting all your eggs in one basket. Running a smaller squad will allow you to be ignored sometimes. Plus, this small squad should take out a TH/SS squad as well as the TH/SS will take you out. Yeah it is a bit more points, but at least it can do it for cheaper etc.

Will see how it plays in the next 2 weeks :).

And yes Jwolf, you are slacker, but it is expected since well - you don't want to do anything Warhammer related haha.

bigred said...

Less posting...

More Honeymooning...

Step away from the computer before the lady catches you...


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

She was taking a nap. We went for a long as hell walk through the beach and everything. So there!!

RealGenius said...

The Warboss makes it six; anyway, the math is good.

Funny that it took a few new Codexes to make Nob Bikers a reasonable choice again.

The_King_Elessar said...

My only concern with that Marine list is that it has zero Flamers. I'm not sure if the extra HB shots make up for the cover denial on things like Pathfinders...Of course, the army is designed to work so aggressively it may be fine without.

Well, that and the fact that I always feel Lysander is wasted if he isn't going to use Bolter Drill...but that's a personal issue. (Or anti-personnel, if you feel like a pun)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahah - I agree with you. Another list I have runs 2 termie squads, 1 with fist and storm bolters with Lysander in it, while the other has TH/SS with a chaplain. Both are in LRC's for the hell of it.

I might drop the LRC to a redeemer to get more flaming action etc, but I just haven't been nearly as impressed with the regular flamer etc. I guess I play too many T4 armies to really matter, as you really would need 3+ flamers in a squad to at least cause some sort of issue. Even nob bikerz fear a burna squad unleashing on them doing 4 hits a piece.

But yeah, I have found hvy bolters to be a lot better then people give them credit for, as any unit in the open will get pounded with a lot of wounds. TH/SS termies just need to roll that 1 and when you drop them down to 2 or 3 they are not nearly as scary them.

And I think Lysander's stubborn rule helps versus the psychic battle squad that a lot of armies have no real way to deal with. I have seen many 10 man th/ss termies run away from one hit of that leadership 2 BS. Same with nob bikerz, Fateweaver, etc.

And yes Jim, the warboss does make 6, but he isn't a nob he is a warboss!!! Hehehe.

Hopefully the marine army will be done in a few months, in between all the IG I have to finish up as well as some other random ork bits and pieces for a client. Fun times indeed.

The_King_Elessar said...

Good point about Stubborn. It's something I'm still not sure about...I think I prefer the old Rites Of Battle, or Calgar's rule, for the options...Stubborn can be fun though.

I haven't written a Marine List in's hard to want to, when I know the Wolves are at the door.
I should probably man up and do both. lol

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yeah that is the other issue, do I make marines, or wait and save all the stuff I have to convert to wolves??? I think I might have enough for both right now with the amount of random crap I have. Hooray for a turn the other way to my hobby wife hah.

The_King_Elessar said...

Having spent several hours on the Wolves rumours yesterday, I can safely say I'm going to buy several boxes. Sigh. I used to like having my money more than ten minutes, you know?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I kinda agree. The good thing, is that the army looks to be a small army, thus you don't need many puppies.

Even though I think a blood claw horde style army might be the best bet :(. Hopefully I can get at the codex this week and write something up on it.

The_King_Elessar said...

I hope to do the same Friday night, which, for you in the US, is probably mid afternoon.