Friday, September 11, 2009

Woot - Friday post

I was going to write up some lists, and of course the new Space Puppies are coming too. I saw the codex, but haven't had a chance to write up anything. Here is a basic thought list.

HQ: Rune Priest (spell countering dickhead)
HQ: Fighter type of guy or spec character that gives d3 attacks or some crap
Elites: Wolf Guard - enough to give 1 to every other squad and a LRC - fists and other junk
Elites: Wolf Scounts X 2
Troops: Grey Hunters 10, 2 melta, wulfen guy, fist X 2
Troops: Blood Claws 9, Rhino, melta, fist etc w/rhino X 2
Heavy: LRC for other Grey Hunter
Heavy: Long fans, 3 Hvy Bolters, 2 Lasannons X 2

Not sure what the points will be, but that is the thought. Will see if the points work and it works out. The sprue looks might fine, and 2 boxes of those should give me all the shit to make my marines as well as blood claws and whatever nonsense I can think of. For sure I am going to model all my guys out of plastic, as I hate me some metal. Screw the metal crap.

Tomorrow I might get a chance to play in a Hobby Fantasy Tournament. I will be playing WoC as that is the only fantasy army I have. Lets see if the tournament is actually hobby and not something else as it can be. I think having two extremely strong armies in the game, makes for a nonhobby environment. But oh well, will see.

WoC - I like to FIGHTS!

Lord - Chaoslord, Barded Steed, Shield, MoT, Collar of Khorne, Rending Sword, Bloodcurdling Roar
Hero - Sorcerer, Dispel Scroll X2, Barded Steed
Hero - Exalted Champ, MoN, Barded Steed, Shield, BSB, Sword of Might
Hero - Exalted Champ, MoK, Favor of the Gods, Glaive of Putrefaction, Juggernaut, Shield
Core - Marauder Horsemen (5), Shields, Spears
Core - Marauder Horsemen (5), Flails
Core - Marauder Horsemen (5), Flails
Rare - Warshrine
Rare - Hellcannon
Special - Chaos Knights (8), Champ, Standard Bearer, War Banner, MoK
Special - Chaos Knights (7), Champ, Standard Bearer, Blasted Banner, MoT

There you go, full horse army running around. Most likely I will just take Shadow for the lore to make guys shoot around if need be. Will see. This is just a fun, run around army. Will see if it works.

Working on some Marine thoughts. Looking at needing 3 Drop pods. Yuck. Hahaha. Other then that will see if the army works. Need to pass some stuff off to get built up so I can concentrate on work related pieces.

This week was a great week for painting. Got a lot of stuff done as well as made contact with a client that is sending some cool stuff to paint up. Got a few commissions set up and a new painter on board. A few others have contacted about joining and I will be sending out some test stuff to see what they can do with time frames etc. Fun stuff eh?

Week completed
IronClad Dread
5 Grey Knights
3 Hellhound Variants
2 LR Variants
1 Valk
WoC Spec Character
Add on for FW Warboss

Next week's plans are
Valk 2
IG Troop squad 1
IG Troop squad 2
Finish Daemon Prince Build
LRR for me
Marine Troop Squad 1 for me

Will see what I get done eh?


John@Plastic Legions said...

Re: Your WoC list

please add some kind of disclaimer that shows you are joking when you post up 37 model WFB lists. people who don't know any better may just take you seriously!!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hey it got me 3rd in a hobby tournie :). But yeah it was just not enough guys. I just wanted to play knights and run them around. I am going to be working on some marauders to build up some blocks and other nonsense as I thought I just didn't have enough to create good charges. I got lucky in my games and that was it most of the time.