Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woot - Quick post

Welp I painted some Ork Kommandos yesterday. 13 of the Jerks hehe. I also painted 10 marines today as well as finish a crazy DP build for my local store owner. Pics will be below, and yes it was based off the one that was floating around online a bit ago. A crazy combination of giant and soul grinder. I won't be painting it, so hopefully it can get on the owner's paint track in the next few weeks.

Other then that, I need to put together a marauder block for WoC so I can have an actual cheap core that isn't completely worthless as well as try out some wash recipes. I also keep thinking about ways to have made the Chaos codex interesting too. But I don't want to go into it that much, as I don't want to see like some kind of super fan that is just all about making things too good. It is all about a balance that allows flavor to come through. Or something like that.

And for those wondering, married life is good haha.

Enough of that - some pics. Look for more stuff later on this week, as well as what I plan on playing at the 40k heavy tournament this weekend. I did come in 3rd for the Hobby Fantasy tournament with that low model count list. Woot. And by 1 point too :(. It is always poop to win by a point.


Elazar The Glorified said...

The Orks look great and that Daemon Prince conversion is looking suitably chaotic.
Do you have any of the Marauder Horsemen heads for your marauder block? They really make the infantry models come to life!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I have some somewhere too. Always have tons of crap laying around hahah. The plan is to make them look like they have just been reborn with Tzeentch etc - so they will have some zombie bits in there to make them look somewhat dead heh.

Stelek said...

I really like that DP conversion.

:) You do that yourself?

Drkmorals said...

The painting looks great as usual!! The conversion is really awesome, I too would like to know if thats something you did. Perhaps how long it took you think?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yup I built that one off of the one that was picture on the tubes awhile ago. The local store owner saw it, got the pieces and then let them sit for awhile. He was going to build it but I grabbed it and threw it together over a few days while waiting for miliput to dry.

It is cool but shit it is gonna get shot to pieces whenever it lands hahah.