Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry for the late post

Been busy with regular work. Fun times - plus it is raining, meaning I have less time to spray stuff and get things ready to paint during the night. I have started up some new work, so it won't just be IG for awhile :).

Current projects
Marauders with Flails for WoC - for me
Nob bikerz - For Brandon from BFG
IG Troop squad 3 & 4 - for Luis from Spain
Space Hulk - For me
Valk - For Luis

So will see what I will get done. My work schedule is changing a bit, so I will have more time during the week to get website work done and get the Full of Monkey Painting site fully up with prepainted stuff and other neat options for those interested. I also have to train a new painter as well as get another one up and going with some projects. Good times eh? And get my business into an actual corporation sort of thing with pay rates for my painters and other fun stuff. It is going to be a busy end of the year hehe.

And married life is going great too :) So that is all good. I did rearrange my work office a bit, as well as help my wife set up her painting room/guest room. I will hopefully get that all done by Friday so I can get more room for client work as well as just having my stuff rearranged better. Plus I want to get working on my comic called Bait soon.

So enough nonsense here is a quick list I threw together for a Word Bearers as Space Wolves. I doubt it is any good, but it will be fun to paint up and run around the table.

HQ: Najl
HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf Mount, Saga of The Bear, Frost Axe, Belt of Russ
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunderwolf Mount, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Frost Axe
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), Powerfist, Mark of the Wulfen
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), Powerfist, Mark of the Wulfen
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (3), Mark of the Wulfen, Powerfist
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (3), Mark of the Wulfen, Powerfist
Heavy: LRC, Multimelta
Heavy: LRC, Multimelta

The plan is to have the Thunderwolves be Juggernauts of Khorne with cool riders. Of course Najl will be the Dark Apostle with the whole idea of a blood storm that causes issues to opponents. I could drop the Spec Character and just go with something else to fit in the other LRC, but I feel this will be more fun and smack you. Hopefully I get the -1 BS on the first turn with Njal and I get to run forward all angry like.

This is of course after I finish my Marines up. My plan is to get another batch of Marines done next week so I can get closer to have the army ready to play soon. Will see.

Now a mini.

THis is the test scheme for the Orks for Brandon. Different arms will be red to signify what squad they are in etc.

More to come later on this week.


RealGenius said...

Oh, great, Brandon is getting Nob Bikers?!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

He has had them for awhile - I am just going to paint them and fix their equipment. MUHAHAHA